Monday, November 26, 2012


Well, there we go.

Another big holiday come and gone.

Is it my imagination or does time seem to go more quickly now?

Age old question.

I have to admit that our holiday week (it practically was a whole week!) was pretty slow and easy.

Poor FinnigantheCurious was very sick.  Turns out the infection moved into his lungs.  This gets the big  name of pneumonia.

I'm just old enough to be frightened of that word.  Used to be a very, scary thing that pneumonia.

We caught it early enough that a round of medicine did the trick.

Still, scary-ish.

I got to spend a couple of days with my mama although I was looking forward to more time with her.  In the end though we had good, solid time and that's what counts.

Our Thanksgiving meal was small and lovely.

I took no pictures at all.


We usually camp during the TG holiday, but we were thwarted this year by sickness and logistics.

I think we'll head out in a couple of weekends and pretend it's TG.

We're easy like that.

We did get outside a bit though despite illness.

What is it about TG that makes people want to get outside and move?

Gluttony? hahaha.  No, really, it's so wonderful to see just how many people are out hiking and camping.  You can NOT get a campsite in Texas at TG to save your life.  Course, some lucky asses got ours.  Hopefully some family was brave enough to drive on in and see if any sites had opened up.  What a wonderful surprise that must have been for them.  

Glad to help, y'all.

Here's some photo love ...

We always pretend these stones are that crazy magical "faith" path in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. 

Makes my feet tingle just thinking about it.

Gus, the wonder dog.

Oh, hey now, I found a food picture after all ...

There ya go.  Ubiquitous veggie and dressing picture.

Most people show you the food on their beautifully appointed table after it's cooked.

Not me.


On filthy stove.

Call it wabi-sabi.

Oh, you know what else?

Jackdaddy finally, oh, finally put in some new under-cabinet lights for me.  Uh, us.


And soooooo functional.

Good for my aging eyes.

Helpful for baking cookies too ...

Made them all by himself, pretty much.

Woot to the boy cooks!!

And, OH, crap!!! LOOK what I got from my mama ...

Isn't that so fab?
I had always coveted it.
She was kind enough to give it to me because I looooove it so.
She actually gave me all kind of goodies while I was there.  I'll share them with you some time this week.

So... how was yours?
Everything go OK?
Any drunken uncles spoil the party?
Off to our Monday hiking group.  Wanna see some of us?



  1. I'm so glad the boy is on the mend!! Dirty or not, I love your stove and the LIGHTS - LOVE!! And that sweet clock (I typed cock first heh)! Can't wait to see what else you got! xoxo

    1. Sweet cock...I like it!

      He's mucho better, thank you. Mucho!


  2. I'm glad too. We were in Austin and had a family reunion. It was glorious. I'm happy you are back home and had a good visit with your mamma. Love the clock!
    ms mddd

    1. Dang.

      I was there and you were here.

      Glad y'all had a wunnerful time!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry your boy was so sick. That's no fun at all. (I got felled by migraine on the actual day. :-( Love that clock and your dirty stove. You style pictures like me. Which is why we can be friends. :-) (Feeling the emoticons today... )

  4. Oh, thank goodness your little man is ok! That crap is scary even still. Love the clock and your dirty stove and all that wabisabiness!


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