Monday, November 19, 2012


My weekend was made glorious by a lamp shade, of all things.

Lampshade?  All one word?  

Lamp shade?  Two words?

You know my obsession with old lamps.

You know my utter and complete disdain for finding lamp shades for old lamps.

I bring you the perfect combination ...

The lamp was scavenged our our summer trip.

I got the lampshade this weekend from my boyfriend.

You know my boyfriend, Craig List!

Holy mother of mid-century, it's mine mine mine!!!!

I love it to the depths of it's lampish little soul.

Would you like to see another picture?

How about another?

No, just kidding.

Nothing else really mattered other than this, but let's see what I can scrounge up.

Oh, Oh, I know!   I lost my diamond earring that I got for my 40th birthday!!

I was sitting at my bff Jessica's house and she screeched out, "You're missing an earring!"

Madness ensued.

I had been all over the freaking place that day including a run at Lady Bird Lake.

I really thought it was  hopeless.  (I guess I just gave it away, but stay with me to see where I found the little bugger.)

I ripped my car to pieces.  Like a crazy madwoman.  Knowing in my heart that it was an impossible task.

But then, then I saw the back of it squished down in the car seat where the seat and the back meet!!!

That gave me hope.  Not that finding the back means anything because the diamond could still be anywhere. 


I ran inside and got my strongest cheaters and a headlamp.

I looked at every single tiny bit of every single thing when .... oh! what is that?

The stem of the earring was sticking out of that tiny slot next to the emergency brake!!

Did I run inside and grab tweezers so as not to lose it into the vortex of hell below the brake?

No.  I did not.

I grabbed it ever so carefully and ....



Ran back inside, cursing and swearing, and kinda crying.  Grabbed a bunch of tools and proceeded to rip the shit out of my center console.

Like this ...

 And thar she blows.

I was more careful this time and used the tweezers.

Happy ending, y'all.

Pretty exciting, huh?

This was exciting too ...

Last minute concoction of black quinoa, shrooms, and spinach.

I ate a vat.

A vat.

FinnigantheCurious is a sick puppy.


So rare for us to be sick twice in one year, but sick he is.

This means that we "had" to watch Glee (Season 4 is out thank god!) and Modern Family for hours on end.

Popcorn and good TV is really good for you.


How was your weekend?

Did you make that tomato and corn soup?

Huh? Huh? Did you?

It's Thanksgiving week!


I'm off to Grandmary's tomorrow, but I'll try to check in.

Whachoo doing for TG?


  1. So glad you found that earring. What a stroke of luck. Ever thought of having screw posts put on? I didn't make the soup but went to their website and in the pot now is their slow crock pot curried lentils. Thanks for the link. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Jenny, you know what? I has a screw post! It's so confusing because it comes unscrewed often, but the other one never does. I have a habit of tightening it off and on during the day, but ...

      Maybe I just need to get a new one that fits better.

      Oh YUM...curried lentils sounds so good.

      Happy Thanksgiving to y'all too.

      Tell your beautiful home/garden hello for me and that I miss it. wink

  2. It's the luck o' the Irish you found it! Yes, made the soup, it's outstanding! My weekending was this: dead possum in shed, spray painting free pots and a thrift mirror, sweeping leaves, planting trees at hubby's restaurant, corn tomato red pepper chowder, sweeping more leaves, cleaning cat urp-up three times, hanging pictures, drawer reorg, wine and a movie. Fun! I'll be working at Hemingway on Thanksgiving, but at least I'll be with hubby! Loveyou, and take care this week!

    1. TIS the luck, indeed.

      Wow, mamacita, you were busy. "Lucky" you to have an opossum dead in your shed. Said Dr. Suess.

      Oh, Happy TG to you too! Love you back!

  3. Well, see, I lost one of my (fake) diamonds studs too! Found the first on the kitchen floor looking like a tiny spider. I don't know why I didn't sweep it up! I picked it up and it was IT! Then I lost one just a few days later, same ear. This time it showed up overnight in the middle of my place mat! What's up with THAT?!! I think it must have been inside a napkin that Mr. H cleaned away when he was doing cleanup at midnight. He does that. You are magnificent to have did what you did to rescue that pretty thing. I'm proud! I hope the boy is better. I think it's in the air or something' .. like pollen? I don't know. love the lamp. It looks like a hand thrown piece of pottery and you are so lucky.lucky.lucky. Oh and I'm loving Barbara Kingsolver's new book. So good.
    ms mdd

    1. Isn't that just crazy when and where you find them?!?!!?

      That lamp does look like pottery and it reminds me of you and mama somehow.

      NEW one? uh...going now!!! Heart racing!

  4. Thanks so much for your sweet comment to me on Soulemama's blog. : )
    Nice to meet you. Congrats on the earring. are two words that you have written in this post that make me swoon: scavenged and Craigslist. : )

    1. Well, you're welcome.

      I just never, but ever, click on any names in comments sections, (awkward to write)but I did for some reason.

      Just love love love your pretty blog and your stuff and your WHITE. Now I want my house white. It's so very, very not white.


      Thanks for stopping by. xo

  5. The lamp. Sweet Jesus - that lamp is perfection!!! I should know because I sort of consider myself a connoisseur of amazing mid century lamps :) And I hear you on being sick! We've been sick for 2 weeks - the little one and I have passed it back and forth twice now! So sick of being sick...
    Good to hear that TV makes you well though b/c that dang Bubble Guppies song haunts me in my dreams I've heard it so much lately.

    1. HELLO!!! Is it perfect or whut!?!? I knew you'd love.

      Oh, poor Bettys.

      omg Bubble Guppies. noooooooooooooooo

      Reminds me of our endless Bob the Builder days.

  6. Love, love, love the lamp and shade!! I'm looking for a huge ass drum shade for my floor lamp if you happen across one. ;) My heart was in my throat over the earring - you are one resourceful Mama! Hope Finn is feeling right as rain SOON! xoxoxo

  7. Oh my god, I missed this lamp last week. It is awesome! And glad you found your earring.

  8. OK, I was totally confused earlier. I thought this was from last Monday. FB just screws with my mind. All the time.

  9. I'm so glad you found the earring! I "inherited" diamond studs from my mother (she's still alive, just wants me to have them.) and I wear them all the time. With everything. For ever and ever. Amen. If I lost one, I would be extremely put out.

    I am making butternut squash with gruyere on toast for appetizers and crustless pumpkin pie for dessert. The rest of the meal (save the butter biscuits, which I can turn out in a minute and a half) is someone elses problem.

    I LOVE this holiday. It is NOT Christmas part 1. I hope you and yours have a great holiday and eat a lot and enjoy your family and all that good stuff.

    Oh, and my kid has an iron constitution (as do I) and we were both felled this weekend by a cold. Even rad people get sick. Although we shouldn't. And neither should Finn. NO FUN.

  10. THAT Lampshade!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! And I need good lampshades - mine are hideous. I must meet your bf Craig again. Sorry, sweetie, he's so unfaithful!

    Glad you found the ring...I was madly reading along, hoping against hope! Having lost sooooo many pieces of jewelry over my expansive lifetime!!! Most of the time, I was not as lucky - but perhaps not as persistent either! Impressive.

    Have a great Turkey travels


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