Monday, November 12, 2012


May I just say how lucky I am to wake up to this almost every morning?

 Jackdaddy has a bit of a coffee habit.


Um, but anyway, he bought this gazillion dollar machine off Ebay for so not a gazillion dollars and rebuilt it.


Now we have restaurant grade coffee every morning.  And evening.

Decaff for me because coffee is like crack to my brain.

I like to drink a big cup of caff when my boys are out of town and I've got 48 hours to garden.

Mmmm, gardening on crack.  SO fun!

He orders super fancy green beans off the Oracle and roasts them himself.  (That's hisself in Texas.)

Dammit, now I really want  a cup.

Oh well.

Look at this wacky little thing I found on the side of the road this weekend.

The box, not the chicken.

I think it was some kind of bookshelf thing, but, to me?  RAISED BED.

Perfect little raised bed goodness of love and rainbows.

I shoulda painted it, but it seemed like too much trouble.

You know how it is... sometimes you paint, sometimes you don't.

Melba likes it.  She likes boxes and such.

Anyway ... side-of-the-road-box-thing means trip to the nursery!


Black gold.

Tierra para jardines, beatch.

Then I got a little helper to write the markers for me.

These are StrawBrerries.
Don't you love those precious little filthy hands?

Dirty hands make light work.

Or whatever that saying is.

Dirty hands make strawberries.

After we planted them Finn said, "We just planted LIFE."

Sweet boy.

Look at that #$&$^% chikkin getting ready to nibble.

Her head is in perfect position for you-know-what so she'd better watch it.

(Just teasing.  That's Melba.  She's my favorite.)

Isn't it just crazy that I live in a place where we can plant strawberries in November?

This is the good side of Texas weather.

Yep, November and the nurseries are still crowded as hell.

While I was getting soil, I treated myself to two Firebushes. (Hamelia patens)

When I drive in my carport, I have a view of the ugliest part of my yard.

Well, second ugliest.

I've been waiting for some hardscaping to go in, but that looks like it's gonna be a while so ... .  After waiting 6 years for it, I finally just planted some damn plants there.

Maybe now that I planted stuff, the hardscaping will magically happen.  

(Sometimes that works, you know.)

These puppies should nice and showy next year or so.

Probably more like or so.

I also got suckered in to buying some of those cutsie Violas.

They're actually too cute, but who I am to resist?

I paired them with some succulents.  

The good kids with the tough kids.  Let em duke it out.

 Lest you think I spent all my time outdoors:

Nay!  Tis not true.

We spent a lot of time playing this super, super fun new game we got called LABYRINTH.

You can read more about it HERE.  ( is sooooo good!)

Jackdaddy has the uber-advantage over me and Finn due to his engineer brain.

Must. visualize. every. move. available. 400. times. or. will. self. destruct.

I gotta give it him though, he kicks our asses.

Last thing ...

Learning the states and their capitols.

Homeschooling is a trip, man.

You think you got it going on and then, one day, someone starts to play a game with your kid in which you need to name several states.

Some of Finn's guesses included:  China, Australia, and Austin.

My kid can speak and read Russian, but thinks China might be a state. 

Yea, um, so, we're learning them, and where they go and their capitols.

I know all the states, but damn if I know where they all go.

Waiting for the school police to arrive as we speak.

If Mississippi lent Missouri her New Jersey, what would Delaware?  Idaho, Alaska!

Say it out loud and proud, silly gooses.

(States ditty courtesy of my oldest BFF, Cory Walsh Delise, who also knows all the words to the Slinky song.)

How 'bout you?

Know all the states and their capitols?

How was your weekend?


  1. ahh.. COFFEE! Damn that looks good - almost as good as you in your $3 cutie pie shirt putting together a puzzle! ;) StrawbRerries are one of my favorites. YUM. Celebrated (well, we didn't actually do anything - did get good Mexican food, though) a million years with my hubby yesterday. Okay, only 12, but I swear it's really a million. heh.

    1. TWELVE years!?!?!

      Twelve million years?!?! Heeeeee

      That's wonderful honey. Really it is.

      I'm gonna send you that $3 shirt. It's for a lady with some chest action which you know I don't have.

      You'll look great in it.


  2. Yacko, Wacko and Dot will help:

    Countries of the World is fun, too (I think my kids memorized this song).

    1. Ooo THANKEE! Nan. Going to look now. I think there was a great schoolhouse rock about states too. I bet that's on YouTube now as well.

  3. MY goodness, and I was proud of seeing my garlic sprout and getting my kitchen cleaned up. You are a crazy woman, with so much energy. Sure you can't loan some to me? Love the coffee, oh, yes, and love the learning of states. Don't be one of those ignorant folks who gets interviewed for Jay Leno, know some stuff!

    1. Rachel,

      Did you see a clean kitchen here? I think NOT. I chose the yard and the floor, not the kitchen. Heeeee.

      OMG that Jay Leno!!! I am NOT kidding when I had visions of Finn being interviewed on that!!! I swear I did. I wonder if that's on Youtube?

  4. EVERY SINGLE THING in this post just knocks me and my sox OUT! So good! So GOOD! I love that box in par-tik-erler. I love old boxes so much. Everything in my garden is on the wane..wane wane..cruddy looking. I feel a trip to the nursery coming on. BIG TIME and it's all your fault!!
    ms mdd
    p.s. I didn't know Austin wasn't a state. hell I think it is.

    1. OH mama, my garden is on the wane too, also, too. I just showed the purty stuff on the blog.

      In his defense, he said he KNEW it wasn't a state, but he just couldn't think of all the states on the spot.

      I know that feeling. But Austin, China, and Australia. Jay Leno is lurking round the bend.

  5. My kids are all grown and gone now but way back when I did give serious thought to home schooling. But I married a SoCal surfer boy, and when we needed more room for the growing brood we left hipster LA...and moved to the OC where I discovered that Laguna Beach is barely holding on to it's hippie roots, and the home schooling scene is fueled by the religious right!!! Argh, so off they went to public school. We carved out a little earthy life for ourselves and proud to say all my kiddies are out there in the world biking, composting, baking bread and making merry with tiny carbon footprints. Tucked away in the game cupboard waiting for grandkids is a a deck of cards called Five State Rummy...a beloved game that is quick, educational and fun that I have been instructed to save with all the other beloved toys like horses, legos and trains. I think we got it at a chain book store, maybe it's still out there, course now you can simply google search it, you young whippersnapper.

    1. Oh lorday, well you know I HEAR ya on the fundamentalist thang. I always say that we're hippie homeschoolers so that people will know we're not the other kind. Hell, I dunno why even. Let em judge, I guess.

      That life of yours sounds soooo good and I HOPE my boy is doing all those wonderful things your kids are. How many kids do you have? Ive only got my one. Wish I'd had 5.

      Will definitely look for Five State Rummy. My boy is a card shark.

  6. When Charlie was alive we would go for a ride down some backroad to nowhere and see something unfathomable lying in a ditch. We would look at each other and say "I'll bet Michele would love that."
    Only YOU would see a raised bed in that old whatever it is. What an amazing person you are!!!!
    lovelovelove Merrymerry

  7. Awww, that made me sad when you said, "When Charlie was alive."


    I DO find all the best crazy stuff don't I? He was no slouch at it either, really. He was a Greensheets pro!

    Love you!

  8. I have three mom had EIGHT!! It was so fun! But here in SoCal you get a really big mortgage and a really tiny house to show for it so I was only game for three. So yeah, I was remembering after my original post, that the deal with Five State Rummy is the objective is to create a hand with five contiguous states. It's a come-uppance for those like me who have only resided on the coasts! Plus each state card has cool facts. All that stuff would just go in to Finn's brain with no effort, unlike the brittle brains of us drones and drones-to-be!

  9. #%¥}[ auto correct! It's CRONES! No doubt spellcheck was invented by a guy!


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