Monday, November 5, 2012


For the first time, we set up our Dios de los Muertos altar outside.

We left kitty and dog food for the dear companion animals we've lost.

Lots of candy for my Mama's husband, and some booze for my Daddy and Jack's Daddy.

Kitty food was eaten.  I'm sure that was my dear, dear Maggie or Tibbs coming in for a snack.


I love the shadows in my house.

The light is so beautiful in my living room.

Made my favorite "Danielle" pancakes and ate them all weekend long.

These are soooooo ungodly good and made from almond flour so, gluten free ho!

I'll hook you up with the recipe on Friday Food, OK?

We started a new family read-aloud book.

It's time for this one.  I'm soooo excited!

Mama got the weekly recipe thing done. 

(Gag me with a spoon on meal planning, y'all.)

Look at that cute, sweet, precious note from my "baby."

Now if only he would eat the stuff.

Soooooo freakin' excited about the new Kris Carr cookbook,  Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

(Um, you can buy it from my library there on the right side bar.  I'll get half a cent or something if you do.)

A review is in order soon, me thinks!

Finally getting my ass in gear to paint the laundry "room" doors.

It's not really a room.  It's a closet.   I like to kid myself and say room.

Only 6 years it took me to paint them.


I like it.

I think.

It was supposed to be apricot, but it is much more cantaloupe.

My mama said that cantaloupes taste better than apricots anyway.

So there, cuz' she's right.

Although it's not even really cantaloupe, but more butternut squash which is better than either of those fruits if you ask me.

Unless it's a perfect Pecos, TX., cantaloupe picked fresh in the height of summer, but I digress.

OMG would you look at THIS score?

Do you hate me, or what?

Kitty door already installed, y'all.

AND it's a perfect fit.

AND it was $10 at the cutest little carport sale in the world ever.

Ten dollars.

I'm so good.

This freakishly perfect jug was a whopping 25 cents.

That is my kind of sale!

Seriously, how cute is that thing?  I love it so much, I don't even know what to do with it!!

Inside? Outside? Just walk around with it?

I wish I had a dress made out of that print.  Swoon.

I got the screen door and this pitcher at a tiny little sale down the street from me.

There was a tiny little sign in the side yard that said:  Big Sale!

There was a tiny little ancient woman selling her stuff.

How could I not buy something?

But I gotta tell ya -  I have been looking for a vintage screen door for.eveah!

This one was not what I had in mind, but it's sooooo perfectly perfect that I don't know why I ever thought I wanted something different.

Oh, that sale, y'all.

Really old people selling their "this and thats" makes me cry.

HappySad kind of cry.

Good for her, you know?  Getting all that stuff cleared out, and set up, and sold.

She was keepin' on, keepin' on.

Bless her tiny little precious self.

I'm gonna take good care of her stuff, you can bet on that.

I'm gonna put that screen door up and then go down and get her to come look at it.

I sure am.


How 'bout choo?

How was your weekend?

Whadya do?


  1. Thank you for the candy for Charlie.
    Did you know A Wrinkle in Time was Roo's most favorite book for years?
    Your apricot/cantaloupe/squash door is gorgeous and the new screen door is beyond words.Be sure to follow up on the idea of taking the little lady to see it. She will be glad to know something of hers will be honored and cherished.

    1. Yes, Roo said that he loved that book and that's what reminded me of it.

      Squash door. I like that. And you! xoxox

  2. What a great idea to show that sweet woman how much her door meant to you. I often wonder what happens to things that go away. Especially my artwork.

    Speaking of books have you ever heard of Bookcrossing? You and Finnigan might enjoy it. I found several and sent out lots.

    Love the coloe of the door. It's beautiful! I don't care what color it is - it's lovely.

    1. Me too! I look at old pictures of myself and think, "WHERE did that dress go?"

      Ooo looking up Bookcrossing now!

      Squash it is. Thank you.

  3. OMG LOVE the door, LOVE the door color (the ones getting painted), LOVE it all! (you know damn well I love those pancakes! - fyi they are originally from - her cookbook) Merrymerry (your mom?) is so right - that little old lady would love to know you love her door. So sweet. Just like you. xoxo

    1. Thank you for the LOVE!!

      the squash is growing on me like timothy green. hee hee

      Oh good, I was gonna ask you for the original source of the recipe.

      I ate them alllll up.

      You're sweet too. xoxox

  4. Lucky door - it's found you! love the things you snagged. Poifect with your dayKor. Good lookin' pancakes so nicely browned and delish. Keep on truckin', pal-o-mine. Yer doin' good.
    ms mdd

    1. You too Mama S.

      Wish I could find a carport sale at YOUR house!


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