Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Well, first a little scorealicousness.

Vintage Hot Wheels Thermos.

We took this on our Monday hiking group and WOW, does it ever work!

I made hot chocolate at the house and it was still HOT two hours later.

I mean HOT.

Hot.  Like me.

Yea, more like hot flashes.

Here's a hot flash segue way ...

I've been noticing our books have been stacking up.

FinnigantheCurious and I are notorious for reading several books at the same time.

My stack ...

Yes, there's a kitten on my dining table.


I'm just starting that Tupelo Hassman book - Girlchild.  

I've heard lots of good about it AND I used to know her when I lived in Los Angeles so double-whammy.

Y'all buy it.

Make her successful.  It's damn hard to be a novelist, you know!

Here's the boy's stack ...

He started Watership Down, but I think the language is too fluffy for him.

I think it will make a better family read-aloud book.

I didn't read this until I was an adult!  I loved it.   

Did you read it?  

Kinda sad though.



We just amped up the library book basket ... 


Why do my pictures look fuzzy today?

It's fuzzy day!

Who knew?

What are you reading?

Like it? Hate it? Recommend it?

And, as always, remember:


  1. I'm reading two books and can't remember either name. ha!

    1. This happens to me all the time. Annoying!

    2. HAHAH oh, hell, yes. Me too. All the time.

  2. My current favorite writer is Donna Leon. Venice!! Mystery!! Cool Inspector. Oh and just fresh from the liberrry is J.K. Rowland's new book. I'm hoping it's good. Your boy child is reading so many good books and that is beautiful, ain't it?
    ms mdd
    p.s. I kept all our kidseses lunch boxes for a long time and finally gave them back to them but I bet they don't know how valuable they are now (if they even still have them..wish I'd kept them.)

    1. OOo how is the new JK Rowling!?!? It's on my list.

      I wish I'd kept my Scooby Doo lunch kit. We still watch and love Scooby!

  3. I'm reading "Folks, This Ain't Normal" by Joel Salatin and I'm gonna catch hell from all my fellow crunchies on this, but I HATE IT. In fact, I'm not going to finish it. His writing style is hectic, harried and sanctimonious. I like so much about how he farms, and that has helped me get almost to the end, but I'm having ZERO fun reading it, so I'm going to put it down.

    I feel like I'm being scolded. And I'm pretty ultra-granola.

    I've put up the good fight. And lost.

    I know you read it - did you like it??


      OK, I thought it was a very, very well written book with many outstanding points. BUT, that guy is, you're so right, so fucking sanctimonious that I could hardly read it.

      Kids today are stupid and lazy!
      Vegetarians are stupid and uninformed!
      The world was created in 7 days!

      Screeching brakes on that last one.

      HUH? REALLY? You're a farmer and you believe God created the world in 7 days for real. Huh.

      So, I totally agree with you. I did finish it, but I think he's an asshole on a good mission and I do appreciate his farming practices, but I can't get on board with him 100%.

  4. Re-reading Meg Rosoff's How I Live Now (YA book). Hunger Games trilogy has (obviously) had more traction, but I prefer this quiet little book's take on what war and its aftermath does to young people. It's my read-in-the-car-while-waiting-for-a child's-activity-to-finish book.

    And that thermos is all kinds of beyond-words cool!

    1. Oh Rita, that sounds marvelous!

      Trade you my thermos for your new light fixture. heeeeee

  5. I'm reading Martin Amis's Lionel Asbo, England's Dreaming by Jon Savage, Gary Taubes's Good Calories, Bad Calories, and Julie Morgenstern's Organizing from the Inside Out. I have a big ole pile of books to be read as well as a couple of new books on my Kindle. Now that I have the sweet reading chair, it's tempting just to read every free second I get, but there's art projects, house projects, garden projects, and cooking projects. Ain't life sweet?

    1. Oh Nell, you are SUCH a reader. I seriously think of you some days with your amazing retired life of reading and arting and gardening. I sure would like to see some of your art. Are you still blogging? I need to go look.

    2. no blogging, just didn't enjoy it that much. I sure enjoy your blog, though! And not much gardening, either, since I'm not quite able to squat down yet. A gardener's got to be able to squat! Or maybe I just need a good little gardening stool.

  6. Peace Like a River was such a good book!

  7. Did I ever tell you what happened when I tried to read Watership Down to Astrid? I loved that book as a kid and couldn't wait to share it with her. We got a couple of chapters into it and she basically read me the riot act for having "loved" a book that didn't have any strong female characters. She schooled me proper!!!

    Guess that means I'm doing my job, but damn...I felt a bit clueless, "oh, yeah, come to think of it...


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