Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Project Stock Tank

I'm so sick of dealing with these stock tank ponds.

I love the way they look, but the upkeep is busting my arse.

Well, I should say that I like the way they look when they look good which is not often.

Example of live, happy, pretty fish in pond when looking goodish.

Now, opposite end of spectrum:
(Not to be confused with opposite end of rectum.)



I can't seem to keep the fish alive for long.

When there are fish in them, I have to let the water from the hose sit in a bucket for several days before I can put it in there so as not to kill the fish.

This is no problemo in the summer because I just put a bucket under the A/C drip and I get about 2 buckets every 24 hours.

When the A/C is not in use though, it's the bucket and hose method and I get really sick of doing it so that the ponds mostly look like this.



No fish.

I'm too lazy to do this anymore, so I've just about decided to fill them up with plants.

Now, over the years, almost everyone has commented that I needed some height in these.

I never wanted that actually.  I liked there not being anything sticking up.

But now I'm considering sticking up stuff.

Maybe a Blue Elf Aloe like this one:

Or maybe just a plain old aloe vera?

I've got a giant pot in the backyard that is about to burst from being so overcrowded.

That would be good because it would be free, other than the potting soil.

I like free.

Or maybe one of these things ...

What are these called?

This thing grows like crazy.

Crazy growing succulent thing crowding out the Buddha.

Or maybe a trip to East Austin Succulents to max out a credit card? 

I would looooove to do that, but I'm going to be good.  

Plus,  if I blew a wad of cash then I would feel the need to prune and futz with them.

Blew a wad of credit, that is.

Santa, perhaps?

Oh, poo, I think maybe I'll just do the regular aloe vera.

Maybe some Purple Heart hanging down in the front?

I dunno, I have a lot of Purple Heart going on already in the tire planters.

But that would be free too, and ohhhhh so easy.

Sometimes I really do like the look of often repeated plants in the garden.

Sometimes it looks lame.

I worry that mine would look lame.

Again, though, it would be free and easy.

Like me.

What say you on this pressing matter?


  1. Not being a gardener I say "Clean up those tanks and give them away." Now you don't have to cope with that situation any more. Simple, huh?
    But if you must, plant a Golden Euyonomus in each one. They are gorgeous, tall and require very little water or attention.

  2. Your fish kept dying? Did you have any oxygenator plants like anarchis? Also, no need to let the water sit for a few days, fill directly with the hose. But I too just gave up on my stock tank pond. It was fun for a while, but lately it was just a chore. I gave away my fish and plants just a few days ago. Now I have two oval 2-foot tanks that I just don't know what to do with....I'm going for height though. ;-)

  3. Alas .. It seemed like a good idea at the time? I know - I little fish bowl in the house sounds about right so I say put some dirt in them and grow some pretty flowers.
    ms mdd

    1. In the pond - not the fish.
      mddie thinking

  4. Fish always seem like far more trouble than they are worth to me, we have a tank and my husband loves it but I am always anxious that someone is going to die. I have much better luck with plants, especially succulents that see to deal with neglect pretty well. I think repeating would be just fine, but I actually like all of your ideas. Good luck!

    xo Lilly

  5. I say go with what's easy and free. You know me, free and easy! ;) heh.

  6. I don't like hearing this because my new stock tank is out there and waiting to be filled in the spring. I think it may be the lack of plants you have in there. Need to cover that water so the algae don't have enough sunlight. At least that's what I believe. I don't think I have a plant for fish in mine, but who knows.

  7. When something's not working for you, I say get rid of it! (And this is coming from a stock-tank pond FIEND who finds them easy to maintain...in the right spot...and maybe that's the problem?) Don't make yourself unhappy trying to make something work though. How about filling them to the top with soil and making fairy gardens in them, one on each side of the walk? Or space them out in a back border and plant something tall and xeric to add height to a same-height bed?

  8. What about bog plants? Canna lilies can be striking, and come in lots of colors/heights/etc... Would lotus work in your climate?

    Also, I have had luck with introducing underwater plants to clean up the water. (works like a charm)

    Finally, make sure you gauge the size of the fish to the size of the tank. Gold fish need more than 20 gallons per fish in an unfiltered environment (again, underwater plants help) You might want to switch to a minnow type fish - little 'mosquito fish' are often offered on the cheap at pet stores as feeder fish. (Rosie minnows and gambusias)

  9. I was wondering if you had algea eating fish in there and if those plants you had were pond plants?

    1. I had goldfish in there, Ms. Jay. There wasn't any algae cuz it's so shaded up there. Yes, I had pond plants. I needed some underwater plants, I think. (see above) I did decided to plant them though. I put in a bunch of horsetail reed, which i LOVE.


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