Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pretty Things

A little word about consumption before we are swept up by pretty things.

When I post these links to "stuff," I am not in any way trying to promote consumerism.  

As you might have noticed, I am very conscious of where my money goes and what I bring into my home and world.

I also take absolute delight in buying second-hand, trading, regifting, and scavenging.

We also teach Finn about the challenges of over-consumption and how it affects so many things beyond just the pocketbook.

He's an expert on trading in video games if he wants a new (used) one.   Our favorite guy at Game Stop (our favorite store) has commented several times on what a savvy shopper Finn is.  Finn knows to ask if there are further discounts he can get, or if he has enough points on his game card to upgrade, etc..  

He' learned to save money if there's something he really wants.  He's been saving for almost 3 months for an energy sword thing that can only be purchased at The Renaissance Festival.  He'll be getting that next weekend!  I'm so proud of him for learning about the power of saving at his tender age.

(Lord knows it took me years and years.)

We've watched The Story of Stuff several times, and I, personally, watch it every now and then just to refresh my brain.  If you've never seen it, I highly recommend giving it a look.  It's a gentle to reminder to think before you buy.

Now, on the other hand, we practice a feeling of abundance in our family daily.

Basically, this is just being grateful and acknowledging it.

It's the feeling that matters, not so much the actual stuff.

For example, when I'm taking my vitamins and supplements I will say to myself, - I'm so grateful that I am able to have these pills that make me healthier.  I'm so grateful that I don't have to take any medicines right now other than these supplement.

When Finn and I give money to people on the side of the road, (and, yes, we always, always do) we say - Aren't we lucky that we had a dollar to give to someone today?  I bet our dollar helps him buy a cold drink or a warm lunch.  We also practice not feeling sorry for that person, but simple happiness that we were allowed to help.  I believe that feeling sorry promotes pity and that feeling happiness promotes success.

These are some simple ways to practice daily abundance.  I say these kinds of things all day long both out loud and to myself.

Every day we've been saying how grateful we are that we got this giant free rug; we are all loving it!

So, I'm not trying to be smarmy or preachy, I just want to say that I know we are all trying to be conscious and clear about spending.  It's easier for some than others.  Buying things can make us feel good, but often it's a temporary fix.  The mending has to take place inside of ourselves not in the stores.

Now, having said all that, I simply love, love, love to look at beautiful things, especially on  Etsy.

I love homemade, handmade, and vintage and, to me, Etsy is just the most magical place.

It's also very, very affordable.

I feel so good about buying soap from my online friend Lindsey from the blog Northwest Backyard Veggies who has an Etsy shop called BEAR SOAPWA.  We read each other's blogs and that's how we met.  Now I buy her soap!

I also have a friend Christie whom I know in real life.  She has an Etsy page called HAPPYBLUEMOON.  She carries all kinds of delicious stuff, mostly MCM goodies.  I could spend a wad there every day.

So when I share these pretty little things with you, I hope you know that I am not trying to encourage you to spend, per say, but just having fun  sharing goodies of beauty  with you.  

I love, love, love looking at Etsy and Pinterest, but rarely buy anything.  In fact, I'm often inspired to make my own pretties just from seeing something lovely on one of those sites.

If you're still with, here are my pretties for today:

Holy shit!  Fox Bandits!

HAHAHAH.  Dude, I freaking LOVE these.

From an Etsy site called:  ADATINE

She has some stunning stuff in her shop (and check out how cute her English is).

English leads us to punctuation, don't you know?

(Oh, punctuation, how I miss you.)

Oh. mah. gawd.

A light-up comma.

A big one!


Wouldn't you love it if you were in the middle of a "discussion" with your spouse/partner/self and when it got tricky you could just point to the comma and think, PAUSE.

I would love that.

That would be a great blog name too:  Pause


A vintage bowling bag.


I totally want this for an overnight bag.

Not sure how I'd get that ball carrier thingee out of the inside, but they make these things called pliers that I am familiar with.  



Feeling dirty?

(I know you are.)

Lindsey's Beer and Citrus Soap.

I can vouch for her soap, y'all.

I got some baby soap from her and I wash Finn's hair with it!  

Tiny, baby rounds of super sweet soap.  Squeeeallll. 

Very nice prices on Lindsey's soaps too.

While we're squeaaaalllling ....

Shut up.


I've died and gone to heaven for this one, y'all.


I'm a sucker for bookends and they have some of the best.  Be sure to check out the Little Red Riding Hood one.  It's also Ta Die For.  (Almost really for Miss Hood.)

And one more fox that I cannot resist ...


Do you LOVE him, or WHUT?

Look at that face!! He is a rapscallion, for sure.

I love him.  I want a t-shirt with him on it.

And Laura Jayne Weeks must be a delight too because just LOOK at that fox and LOOK at the box!

I heart her, whoever she is.


OK, last one ...

I mean, just look at that preciousness.

LOOK at that.  An orange elephant.

A solar thingee.

Can you image a better nightlight?

I cannot.

This store is called SOLARAMA

So, there ya go.

Pretty Little Things to buy, or not.

Delightful little wonders to make you smile and feel happy, I hope.

If you wanna "play" more, join me on Pinterest HERE.

I rock Pinterest, if I do say so myself.

This post was not meant to pimp you to my Pinterest page, but I just did it anyway so ... there.

(Disclaimer:  I personally do not find Pinterest addictive.  It's like reading a good magazine to me, and I can only do it for so long, but if you're struggling with too much computer time, you might want to skip it or set a timer.)


Have fun!

Tread lightly!


  1. I could also spend all day drooling over the pretties on Etsy. So many lovelies just waiting for their forever homes. And thanks so much for thinking of me!

  2. Replies
    1. ME too! Remember that fox hoodie from last year. Still covet that thing.

  3. So I love Etsy too and just so happens I received just today two pairs of precious earrings I ordered from Hawaii Beads. I love them! and she said I could substitute french loops instead of those prong things for the backing. I have been losing my beauties left and right. You and your finds are funsomuch fun to view. Long Live Etsy and all the hand crafted beauties.
    ms mdd

    1. You got some new pretties just today!!!? You are so modern, you!

      Love me some french loops too.

      Huzzah Etsy!!

  4. Thanks for featuring my soap! I love making it and I'm glad you love using it.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I've lost my mind over that orange elephant. That's going to need to come home to my house. I'm heading over to that site now....Maybe I'll make it a Christmas present so as to alleviate the guilt of buying it. I, too, am a scavenge/Goodwill/Found stuff kind of shopper...!

  5. RIGHT? I totally think I'll get a solarama for a gift too. Wouldn't that be sooo cute in a kid room?

    Im soapy!

  6. Oh, my comment didn't show up! (I said I love the elephants. I really love the elephants.) And I agree with you about stuff. More and more I think the question isn't Stuff or no stuff? It's What kind of stuff? Because we all need to have stuff.


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