Monday, October 29, 2012


Did you realize that guacamole is raw?

When this 2 week raw fast is over, I may never eat guacamole again.

Guacamole this, guacamole that, guacamole everything!

My boys were gone all day Sunday so I languished in the outdoor tub.

The cool fall air and the bright sunshine made for a stellar bath experience.

My ennui was relieved by the tub and a good magazine.  

(My mama and I love the word ennui and use it every chance we get.)

I sat in the tub and stared at this beautiful combo.

Those are the seed pods of my Senna tree that butt up against the Knock-Out roses.

The Senna has just finished flowering, but there were gorgeous masses of yellow flowers in the mix when it was.

Isn't nature beautiful?  I mean, that combo was almost profound.

I had to get in there and clean out the tiny, baby lettuce sprouts.

My method of planting lettuce is to pour a bunch of seeds in the palm of my hand and throw them in the bed.

Caution to the wind, y'all!

But then I have to go in and pull up all those babies which never ceases to make me feel kinda sad.


Cackle, cackle.

Delicious babies, indeed.

Whilst I was gone over the summer (that seems so long ago now!), the Bermuda grass took over many portions of my yard.

I usually nip that stuff in the bud, but, alas, rain and neglect allowed it to invade and prosper.

Bermuda grass is evil, y'all.

I have made FinnigantheCurious promise that he will invent a way for cars to run on Bermuda grass and the world will worry no more.

You just can't kill it.  

Anway, I spent a lot of time digging this small patch out yesterday.


Had a little "accident" at the nursery and  came home with yet another Thryallis and a Plumbago. 

Got them planted and mulched.  

Also planted a couple of bottle trees to help me remember to water the newbies.

I love weekends.

Everyone seems to think that mamas who stay home with their kids have tons of time.

Au contraire, Alistair.  Just the opposite.

So when the Daddy is home and they spend most of the weekend out and about doing boy things ...

AHHHHHH.  Mama gets rejuvenated.

How 'bout you?

Did you have a good weekend?

Did you suffer from ennui?

Hope so!


  1. Ennui you say? Yes! Then I rest my eyes and I am ennui-free. Love your weekends and keep you rejuvinated. This time of year is so amazing after the sweltering summer.
    ms mdd

  2. Since I didn't "have" a spring garden this year, I never bothered to weed the beds. I decided on Saturday I should change that - so I went out and weeded one bed. I only finished one because the 'weed' that had taken over was frog fruit. And I can't just go about throwing out wonderful frog fruit when our grass is pretty much dead and there's so many open spaces. So instead I was out there in the garden trying to carefully dig up the frog fruit and move it to bare spots in the yard. Makes everything go so much slower. But at least the one bed is relatively cleaned out - now I can plant the plants I was supposed to have planted weeks ago. And I still need to clean out the other bed (and attempt to dig up some peppers to bring inside and try to keep them alive over the winter). Man - this garden stuff is tough. ;)

  3. I agree about Bermuda grass. It is like kudzu in Mississippi. (By the way, do you say Ber mew-dah or Ber-moo-da? I say the former but am not sure if I am right. Like coo-pon and que-pon????)

    And, actually, I did have some delicious ennui this weekend. (I don't know how to italicize in this blog or I would have done it on "ennui".)
    Never, ever, confuse ennuie and bored. It is NOT the same at all!!!!!!!!!!
    Your de-Bermuda grass bed looks wonderful.

  4. I think I need to have a soak to relieve my ennui. <3

    1. I've got some epsom salts just waiting for you.

  5. You have an OUTDOOR TUB?!?

    How the fuck did you just get cooler to me?

    So....naked or clothed? If you bathe in the buff, you will have officially reached rockstar status.

    1. Woops, meant to reply to you:

      Sheet, girl, to.ta.lly naked. That's why we have this crazy Branch Davidian fence thing going on.

      It is a tad unnerving to live on a city corner and be bathing naked in your backyard while people are walking/biking by, but, girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

  6. Sheeet, girl, to.ta.lly naked. That's why we have this crazy Branch Dividian fence thing going on.


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