Monday, October 15, 2012


That's what I did for quite some time on Saturday.

Stare at the precious rain pouring out into ... nowhere.

To Do:  Get effing gutters already

Oh, tis a wonderful thing to garden in the rain and/or mist and/or sprinkles.

I just about didn't come inside at all this weekend!

My mama gave me these giant tree buckets whilst I was there.

They are juuuuust perfect for urban gardening.  I've got Parisian Market carrots planted in one and am trying to wrangle the blackberries into the other.

HAHAHAHA.  Wrangling blackberries is like putting socks on a 2-year-old.

I got the last of the PVC-sprayed brown-fully-netted-chicken-proof cages up.

I hate spray painting so freaking much.

Loving this combo of the purple basil with the green sage in the background against that stock tank full of Knock-out roses.

Those purple basils are what inspired my Ruellia planting around the outside fence.  I really, really love the cool of the purple against that hard steel.

Here's a wideish view of my yard when I walk out into it.

I was gonna move the wheelbarrow, but didn't.

My yard is always a mess.  Why lie?

Fall is the most glorious time for the Austin gardener and our recent rains have everything in hysterics.  My yard is an explosion of color right now.

And dog poop.

Why can't they make a dog that doesn't poop?

Why can't they make a dog that cleans up its own poop?

Why can't they cure cellulite while we're at it?

Why, I ask you, have I not been planting these Blue Daze already?

It's my new favorite plant.  So cute and so cheap at $4.

It's like a sassy Plumbago or something.  Want more.

My precious Fairy Duster that just keeps poofing away day and night, night and day.


The Gregg's Mistflower is taking over the yard like it does every year.

That's one of my favorite combos in the garden:  the soft purple of the Mistflower up against that hard edge of the variegated agave with its yellow trim.


These murdered tree trunks turned succulent planters are  just so-so.

I'm thinking of turning them into bottle trees.

My yard is kinda like THE CRAZY LADY YARD with all the bottle trees.

I can't get enough of them although I know many (MAMA) folks don't have the same fine appreciation of them that I do.


All my ornamental grasses are blooming too.

Doesn't that look like a lovely winter combo?

It's hot as hell (as usual), but this looks just like a little Christmas fairy tale with the Turk's Cap in the background.

Here's some bad news.

You know that rain storm?

Um, someone might have accidentally left the camera outside and forgotten to bring it in when it started raining.

 I won't say who, but she's in a shitload of trouble.

So, I have no camera which means no pictures.

And unless you've got a few hundred bucks you'd like to donate, there might not be any pictures for a while.  Maybe the dreaded IPhone fuzz fests.


It's in a big vat of rice right now trying to dry out, but I do not have high hopes for it at all.

Tomorrow will be one of those fun, Go look at this link and this link and this link days which I actually enjoy on other blogs, but I'm not sure if you do.

Things have a way of working out though so I'll just keep thinking positive.

Onward through the fog!


  1. What a GLORY-ious looking garden my missy prissy garden fairy - look at you!! I'm so excited to see everything. I hope the rice cures your camera. I say it will because it should. I get so inspired when I see what you are doning and by way, I hate to spray paint too - worse than anything.
    ms mdd

    1. Oh, thank you Ms Mudd! I feel so happy when the garden looks nice which is not really all that often.

  2. Oh, your yard is so delicious. Would that I were young and had all your energy.
    So it goes.
    Love you!

    1. You sure had it when you were my mama!!! Well, you ARE my mama, but when you were a young mama!

  3. Oh, Mama. Your camera. I've heard amazing things about what rice will do (hope your camera doesn't mind a little arsenic! ;)!! All digits crossed for you. I love, love, love your yard - dog poop and all! (what about paying Finn $.50 for each poop he cleans up? HA!)

    1. Dude, IF he would do it, I'd pay him a buck a poop. Poopful thinking.

  4. Oh man. The camera! I'd be cryin. As for dogs and poop, be careful what you wish for. We have two dogs who clean up their own poop. By eating it. Grossest. thing. ever. "No licks from poop-eaters" is a house rule here.


      My dog Luna does love cat poop. Kitty caviar, we call it.


  5. So sad about your camera :( But YAY for your awesome garden! Seeing your stuff always inspires me to get out in my own yard.

    1. Oh lordy, LIKEWISE mama. I love your yard and house and stuff and clothes and ... .

  6. There are dogs that 'clean up' after themselves.

    You. Do. Not. Want.

    Trust me, the breath is just as horrible as you might imagine.

    1. OMG! I just read Rita's comment saying the same thing.'re right. I do not want that.

      ahhahaha. That's so gross it's funny.


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