Monday, October 22, 2012

Sick Boy.

(Do you remember that awesome Social Distortion song, "Sick Boy?" Mmmm, loved that song.)

Anyway, I have a sick little boy so no weekending fun for mama.

Just puking and wailing and gnashing of the teeth.

Lots of chess.

The real way as well as lots of matches with Finn's made-up rules.

Crazy chess, man, with those rules of his.

I broke out every medicinal tea in the house.

I firmly believe in tea and honey as the great healers of the universe.

Mad Libs.

I can take about 3 rounds of Mad Libs before I feel like slitting my wrists.

How many times can I laugh at the words poop and penis before I go insane?

How many hours can he play video games before he goes insane?

I fear we'll never know as he's not insane yet.

My eyes hurt just looking at a picture of that screen.

Oh, and one fun housey thing...

Check out this gigantor new braided rug I got for FREE!

Whad'ya think?

You like it?

It's very large.  Too large really, but everyone immediately got on the floor and made themselves comfortable.  

I think that's a good sign.

Maybe I'll keep it through the "winter" and then see how I feel.

I do love braided rugs.

The colors aren't really right for me, but it was freeeeeeee.

So, anyway, hope there's no puking your way today.

Wish me puke luck.

I mean, no puke luck, I suppose.


  1. I love those braided rugs! We had one when Elias was a baby and so it was ruined within a YEAR (boohoo) but I hope to buy another one some day when my kids aren't trashing the joint at breakneck speed.

    I hope you avoid the sickness! Elias had some weird bug that I caught but I had a greatly reduced adult version, so if you do catch it, here's hoping that will be the case for you as well. <3 *Healing Energy to Finn*

    1. I've decided I love it too! Dog hairs hidden like magic!

      I avoided, thank god.


  2. I send you wishes for no puke on your amazing rug! Seriously, if you decide you don't want it, I know a family room in Portland that it would look awesome in. And free! Not pinning my hopes on a rug transfer, though, because I'm guessing you'll love it. We added one to our living room last winter and it's one of my favorite things. I changed my fledgling color scheme just so it will work.

    Hope your boy is feeling better soon. I think mamas who play Mad Libs and chess are even better medicine than tea and honey. :-)

    1. Well you know I'd send it to you but it would cost more than it's worth as that sucker is BIG. Like 8 feet easy. whew.

      I'm a gold medal winner for mad libs, that's for sure.


  3. ManoMan .. I'm sorry for all that! But/And I love the rug. FREE you say? It should feel wonderful during winter and then you can take it up for summer. My MIL had a big ceremonial thing about the change of seasons. All the slipcovers came off in winter revealing the beautiful upholstery on the sofa and chairs and then we knew it was spring time when the slipcovers came back all washed and ready to gather up warm bodies and cool tea.
    ms mdd

    1. OH SEE, I love love love that! Changing the seasons in the house is so wonderful. I LOVE winter and that rug feels just like winter to me. ahhhhhhh

  4. Dibs on that rug for when you get sick of it! ;) BOO to sick kids, we're sick too. xoxoxo

    1. You know how finicky I am...I'm sure it will be in your home within the year. heeee.

      OH no! Sick there too? So sorry. Kiss the girls for me.

  5. HaHaHaHa!!!! You said POOP!!!!!!


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