Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Other People's Ideas

I gots no camera, remember?

I'm scared to look in the rice bag.  Skeeeeeerd.

Not to worry, darlings, there's plenty of goodness to keep you busy for the next, oh, hour or 7.

(Photo from TheArtofDoingStuff.com)

See those orbs?  Globes? Old light fixture orb globes?

Go HERE to see what this fabulous woman has made out of them.

I am SO freaking going to make some of these.  Today, even.

I seriously love these so much.  I can't take it, I tell you.

After you look at that project, go look at THIS project by the same woman.

Her name is Karen.

Karen, I love you. 

And now, a word about enemas!

I shit you not.

Your colon, liver and gallbladder will thank you.    Trust me.

Enemas are all the rage, don't you know?

Here's your linky to a good butt cleanse!  


Oh, come on, don't be shy.  It's just you and your friend the enema bag.  (Don't forget to lock the door!)

From enemas to fairies.

How's that for a segue way?

Fairy Tale Boots

I would KILL for these.


I just love THIS and think it is absolutely true!

Lastly,  THIS amazing talk by neighborhood activist, Jason Roberts.

I can tell you from experience that neighborhoods don't get or stay great all by themselves.  It takes a lot of hard work.  The more people willing to work, the easier it is.  

I wish there was someone willing to check the rice bag for me.



  1. Some encouragement about the camera... I have successfully dried out a USB drive after it went through the wash... twice. A phone caught in the rain ... once. If you didn't, take it apart as much as it will... batteries out, SD card out, if the lens will come off, take it off. If several days in rice doesn't do it, (goodness give it a week and change the rice out once?), and you are feeling desperate and willing to take a risk, put all the parts in a cool oven (as low as it will go, or maybe just with the light on) that will help evaporate the water out of the right spots and keeping it cool will make sure to not melt any plastic (that's the risky bit)

    1. Really? OK, I'm taking it apart right now.

      Can't be worse than it is, right?

      eeeeeek! Fingers crossed.

      Thanks!!! for the ideas.

  2. Stop! I have more than enough blogs I'm following. Many of them have come from you so stop. I spend too much time at the computer reading about other people's lives already. You make it hard.

    Check that rice bag! If you want I can drive over and do it for you.

    1. I know! Right? I wish I had time to read all the blogs I love. I just cannot LET myself. I just can't. Today was a freebie.

      YES! Please come check it fo rme!!!

  3. Dammit Michele! Now I have to go make those feeders...I may even have some of those light covers...I know I have a glass light cover which I freaked out about setting mulch on fire (it's faceted and clear). But maybe I could make a night light out of it...

    1. ME too! I WILL make them. Am going to the Habitat store tomorrow to look. weeeeee! Come over and make some with me!

  4. I like what mamarachael says. She's living proof! Okay .. as for enemas, I have to take some time to read that one! I love looking at the great stuff you find on our wonderous friend, The Internet. It reall is my window to the world and I don't know what I'd do or be without it.
    ms mdd

    1. I do love it too, but I wrestle with how much I can use it. Girl, I could sit here all freakin day looking at purdy stuff and reading interesting things. Just think if we still smoked!!! omg we could sit and smoke and surf alllll day. Heaven. Or Hell, depending on your outlook. heeeee

  5. I love that Globe thing girl..........so cool! Been doing Colonics for over twenty yrs. I prefer my colonics board myself over the enema bag!

    Ruth S


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