Thursday, October 25, 2012

In the Yarden.

First, let me say that I had the most delicious thing happen yesterday!

I was in People's Pharmacy and this adorable girl/woman said, "Michele?"

I got that blank look in my eyes because I didn't recognize her so my brain went into overdrive searching the memory chip.

(My brain is already in overdrive when I'm in People's Pharmacy here in Austin because there is sooooo much fun stuff to look at, including FOOD.  Hot cooked food.  Heeeeee. It really is a bit overwhelming though with so much interesting stuff and I do get a bit glazed in there.)

Come to find out, it was GATOR GIRL! 

Hoo Haw she has THE funniest blog and I don't quite understand how I lost track of it these last few months, but I went back over there when I got home and omg, that girl is sooo funny.  And, apparently, she's a chiropractor and works out of People's which is pretty fancy if you ask me.

Y'all go get a good laugh over at her blog, OK?

I'm gonna have to track her down more often, cuz she is my kinda girl:  funny, smart, friendly, a doctor. 

Hell, I should marry her!

Some food love from the last couple of days:

Omg, the cleanup is HELL.

I'm not sure if the benefits of juicing and eating raw outweigh the stress of cleaning up 456,998 times a day.

I "need" a different kitchen if I am to be this healthy, I can tell you that.

I "need" a LOT more counter space and a island with a prep sink in it.

That's gonna happen "real soon."

I also need a mandolin and a dehydrator.


FinnigantheCurious said this was BLOOD drink.

I was tempted to tell him it was the blood of my suffering for being a mother.

HAHAHAH.  That's what a good old-fashioned Catholic would have said.

Fortunately, people don't really do that shit anymore.

Well,  I don't at least.  Not being a Catholic anymore and not being old-fashioned and all.

I wish you could know how giant this bowl is.

It's giant.

I ate it all and licked it clean.  (TWSS)

Yard stuff:

Did I already show y'all my new Thryallis?

I love my new Thryallis.

I moved those oilcloth chairs over behind it and it looks just perfect.

La, la, la.

Finn's sugar snap peas.

We've been measuring them every 3 days.  HOLY crap, y'all, those things grow more than an inch a day.

Like my ass.

When I'm not eating raw, that is.

Broccoli, swiss chard, and a volunteer basil.

Also a volunteer bottle tree growing.  

Typical Texas garden with multi-season plants all growing together.

It's October 25 - HOT and muggy here.


Parisian Market Carrots.

Plllleeeease grow.  Please, please, please grow Parisian Market Carrots.


Freshly watered.

EEK, it's a LEEK!

I went down to a neighbor's (awesome) garden and they fronted me some leeks.

Cream of potato leek soup.

Day 15, y'all, day 15.

Little figgys.  Figgies?

I don't think I really like figs, but if the zombie Apocalypse happens, there will be food for us all.

Plus, my mama loves figs so I planted it for her just in case she moves here to be near her sick, homeless daughter who has no one to care for her or her ailing child.


A volunteer potato!!!

What the hell?

Potato leek soup may really happen.

Isn't it cute?

Every year I say that I am going to rip out a bunch of ornamentals and put in a giant herb bed.

Every year I plant a few measly ones in this bed.

Speaking of multi-season - I've got dill and basil and sage and a potato in the same bed.

Weird.  Weird and delicious.

Like me.

Some bitchin' roses that were here when we moved in.

We call them "Marguerites" because we take them down to Finn's other grandma who lives across the street from us.  

She loves pink roses.

I love pink roses in her house and not in my garden of RED and YELLOWand ORANGE and PURPLE.

Precious little Mexican Mint Marigold.

Supposedly tastes like tarragon.

Tastes like chicken to me.

HAHAHA.  That's a joke.   You know the old, "Tastes like chiken!" thing.


Tomed ya.


  1. Yea, the whole clean up/prep thing KILLS me with juicing. BAH! Your garden looks awesome!!

    1. Thanks, mama! Fall in Austin is garden heaven.

      Killing me, the clean up, killing me.

  2. You are in fine fettle today. Fettle? Fiddle? You are in a fine writing mode today. Delicious and beutiful you!! I love all the green growing things. And the Thryallis? I didn't know it's name but I have a bunch of volunteers in one of my beds. Came outa nowhere which I LoVe! I have a vine with a melon which might be a cantalope, I'm not sure. Your juices are magnificent and I agree with you that the clean-up is a bitch. Good things left over for the compost, though. Be Healthy! You are already wise. And keep on keeping on.
    mss mddd

    1. Hee Hee I am fit to be tied, aren't I?

      You got a melon!?!? and thryallis??? GOOD for you, m'lady.

      You too, mamciata! You're the bestie!

  3. One man said to the other, "We wuz so hongry the other day my ole lady cooked up a batch of chickken hawks."
    "Oh, what did they taste like?"
    "'Bout like owls."


      Like squirrel.

      blech ugh.


  4. hooray for raw foods!! good for you, mama holt! there's no way in heck my family would go for it, although some of us are nearly vegan now! ( how can i not eat fresh eggs from my own backyard chickens, i ask you?)

  5. Miss C! Hello!
    Oh god, no one but little old me is eating this way. Two meals at every meal. Sigh.

    I think I will always eat my ladies' eggs. I just can't get my head around that not being ok. Otherwise, there would just be random eggs all over the yard. My ladies have THE best life. Ever. I'm gonna eat eggs.

    Good to see you! xoxox

  6. Good Job on eating raw! I hear ya' about the cleanup - it's a bitch. I have a juicer and juice many and varied things and the cleanup, sometimes, is such a hassle, it actually makes me want to not juice. Anything. Ever again.

    I LOVE that Michael Pollan quote and actually have it in my house hung up - Eat Food, Not too Much, Mostly Plants. Genius!

  7. oh my gosh, SERIOUSLY. I talked the Mister into getting a juicer so that we could do a juicing regimen and after using it twice, I just couldn't take the clean-up anymore. It's maddening. And cleaning and preparing the veggies and fruits beforehand......not so much. I sound terribly lazy right now. And unhealthy. Will check out the Gator Girl's site!

    1. hahah. TELL me about it. There's just no getting around it, man. It suuuuucks. You're so not lazy or unhealthy. I still think about your perfect wedding from time to time in my head. I mean, of course in my head because I wasn't there, but I mean from your wedding post.

  8. Mama Holt! You are so dang funny and so sweet! I felt just like I was hugging a movie star! I immediately called my mom and said, "You are NEVER going to believe who I just met and you will be ever so jealous!" And then she demanded that I go find you, just to let you know she has extreme chicken envy... Hope to see y'all again soon! Your garden is delicious!

    1. Seriously, girl, we have got to get together with your mama and have some fun. I'm gonna bring you some eggs once my ladies start laying again. They're on strike. HOW do you work at People's though? I would go broke buying crap to make me HAPPY and WELL and IN BALANCE.

  9. I should have KNOWN you're a former Catholic. I think I truly did snort reading that line. You're so my people.


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