Monday, October 1, 2012

Home Home Home

A happy October to you!!!

October, October, oh dear, dear October, you are finally here.

(Don't forget to say Jackrabbit as it's the first day of the month.)

I am home from my sweet mama's house.

It is good to be here, but sad to leave there.

I love my mama so much and miss her every time I leave her.



My tears dried up a bit as I realized that some sweeeeet consumer goodness had come my way....

The Garnet  Hill Fair Isle rug that I have longed for!!!!!! 

Lusted after.

Dreamed of.

Plotted and planned for.

I got some "free" money and treated myself. 

I used some "girl math" on it because I reeeeeally wanted the 7 ft. one, but forced myself to settle for the 5 ft. one so I actually saved money.

Ta da.

I love it sooooooo much.

Doesn't it just vibrate with vintagey perfection?

Do you love it?  Do you?

I loooooooveeeeeeee it.

The new Colin Meloy sequel to Wildwood!!!

Cannot wait to take a bath, climb into bed and dig into this now.

(I've got to stop playing with all the new photo manipulation toys in Blogger.  Can you say VORTEX?  But doesn't that photo look so cool?)

Oh yes, the house is a bit of a mess, the yard is a hideous cavern of hell and discombobulation, there are bags to unpack and dishes to wash, but, for now, just for now,  a bath and a fairy tale.

We'll talk more tomorrow.


  1. I am so happy you are back home. Your mamma loves you and needed you and you were there. I love the perfect PERfect rug and how great is it to have a cat to match! Perfect! I love the cool air here in the swamp land today. All the plants have heaved a sigh of relief and perked up like nobody's business. So SO glad you are back.

  2. Is this the same Colin Meloy as in the Decemberists? Or do I need either a nap or coffee.

    I love your rug. It's beautiful and so is the kitty.

    Glad you are home-- I've missed your blogs.

  3. I do sooooooooooooooooo love your rug!!!!


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