Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, y'all!

Drusilla gets decked out for The Holiday every year.

Doesn't she look fab?

She needs to be holding a lit fag though.  She really does.

I like that it looks like she's kind of giving you the finger.

I mean, not YOU, but, you know.

Gruesome plastic hands are a big hit every year.

Major dollar store score.

They are such incredibly horrible plastic evilness that I guarantee these will look just like this 1,000 years from now.  

Sure to to scare the crap out of some anthropologist circa 3012.

Doing my part for science.


Raven thing.

Now these, these things get shabbier and shabbier every year.

Most of them are so shot that they look more like black winged blobs as opposed to birds.

I like things fancy, you know.



Pretty pumpkins with those tiny pansy things in a TIRE.

Trash, I tell you, TRASH.

BEWARE OF CHILDREN and other things too fierce to mention.

(Bet you weren't expecting a Burl Ives serenade today, now were you?)

This is Larry.

This year he's Russian Larry.

That sign says, "Hi" in Russian.

I think.  

FinnigantheCurious wrote it so I'm hoping it just says "Hi" and not something totally "eight year old boyish" like, oh, "HELP! SOMEONE CUT MY PENIS OFF!"

We get so many Russian trick-or-treaters around here, you know.

Russian Larry is rigged up on a pulley so that you can let him go flying through the yard just as small, terrified children are walking up to get candy. 

This year we are unveiling the ubiquitous (or not) bowl of "eyeballs."  

All children will be semi-forced to stick their hand in a bowl of "eyeballs" before getting their candy.

No pussyfoots allowed around here. 

Hands in, or NO CANDY!

Course, you know that's not true.  I'm the house that buys the best (worst) candy and gives GOBSFUL to every kid.

I'm also the house that's having 3 little boys sleep over after eating candy for 7 hours.

Wish me luck, y'all.

PS What's your favorite candy?  I mean, Halloween candy, not your favorite favorite.

Mine's Tootsie Rolls.



  1. What a fun house to visit on Halloween!!!!
    And I do wish you luck on the overnight stay with three sugar-hyped little boys.

  2. Boo! I put a freaky wreath on my door full of purple gauzie stuff I saved from something and of course my two black birds (just like yours) We don't get any children here in the "compound" but I think there must be lots of candy afoot. My fave would be ANY KIND !!!
    ms mudd

  3. My favorite are those mini tootsie rolls both in original and the weird flavors. I can't eat them this year but will plan on it nect year. We never have anoyone at our door. Of course we live in the scarey house that has it's light dark that could be a clue....

    Happy Hallow'een. I already ate my Pan de Muertos. It was yummy.

  4. Now I am feeling like such a Halloween slacker. Bought two pumpkins at Winco and put them on the front door landing and called it good. (BUT. I also put out a favorite Halloween picture book my kids used to like, and when my daughter saw it she said, "Aww, Pumpkin Moonshine! I loved that book!" So made the gazillion readings of it way back when worth it.)

    Hope you enjoy those boys. I'm guessing picture book reading won't be in your evening. :-) I would feed them fun-sized Snickers. Or not--because if I don't give them out, then I get to eat them. :-)


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