Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Food

It's gonna be one of those days.

I can just tell.

I wrote you a looooong post last night about food and and cooking and menu planning and budgeting and a whole bunch of other fascinating stuff.

Today, this morning, it's gone.

Gone with the wind, Scarlet.

Gone with the wind, Rhett.

Fortunately, I had this delight to wake up to.

If you look at it just right, it looks kinda like a cute little robot face thing guy with one good eye.

Here kids!  Have some one-eyed robot bread!

Oh well, at least the house smells delicious.

Maybe I'll see you Sunday at the annual Johnson's Backyard Garden Potluck?  Oh, it's such a wonderful, wonderful time.  I'm teary the whole time because it's so dreamy and farmery and wholesome and shit.

I'll be the one with the Fantastic Mrs. Fox costume on.

FinnigantheCurious will be the one with lots of black clothing and a weapon.  Which is how he pretty much dresses every day, but it does look like a costume.

Have a foxy weekend, y'all!

(I may just say that from now on.  Don't you just love that phrase, Foxy?  It's so 70's funkalicious.)


  1. I give up: What is that piece of metal in the bread?

  2. I'm with Merry Merry, wtf with the bread? I would so go to the pot luck if we were in town! swoon!

  3. ooo I know I know - Isn't this the thing on the bottom of your bread machine? I had one once and it did the same thing - and I think it's a robot's eyes, too - really. Have fun and out-fox everyone at the party, you foxxy thaing.
    ms mddd


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