Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Gardening Success ...

for a change.  wink wink.

Remember this project?

My Ruellia project.

I really wanted something along the fence line to soften things up.

Must haves:

Easy to grow
Drought tolerant
Cheap, preferably free
Opportunistic (AKA invasive)


Pretty, pretty!

They reach almost to the top of the fence!

I did not pay for ONE single plant.

Ruellia is quite the spreader so most people are looking to reign it in or get rid of it all-together (good luck with that. HAR.)

It's exactly what I need though and it looks just lovely.  The purple flowers really stand out against my dark stained wood trim.

I've also got it going all along the other side of my property (I live on a large corner lot.)

I'm so happy!

Happy Happy purple flower love fest rainbow unicorn glitter fairy.

There's also the, um, tire project.

It's not for everyone, that's for sure, but it's gone over quite well in my hood with lots of passer-bys giving me the shout out.

It looks pretty cool in real life.

That's a looooong right-of-way that was full of weeds and crap and weeds and crap.

Now it looks, well, more intentional.

It's still kinda weird and wabi-sabi, but it's very urban fun and landfill friendly.

La, La, La.

Always more to do, ya know.

Gardening never ends.

Just beware, my pretties.


  1. Enjoy seeing what your up too! Love the plants and what you did with them!!


    1. Thanks Ruth!

      I love your name as I live on Ruth street!

  2. hoo loo and a laa laa too! You done it! Don't you just love free and natural and free and pretty? I love it. love it. So proud. I have this artist acquaintance in Urbana who just posted on facebook a pile o'tires she's gonna do something with. She does very conceptual stuff and you would love it and I'll send you her stuff on my "share" thing.
    ms mdd

    1. Oooo girl, you know I do! YES, send me that tire girl's stuff...I wanna see!

  3. Looks great! So, are you going to have a post in 3 years, "I can't get rid of this Ruellia! It's taking over!"? ;)

    1. HAHAHAH you KNOW I will.

      No, really, the two giant dogs running up and down and up and down the fence line 467,999,876 times a day will keep them where they are.

      Famous last words.


  4. I love your Katie Ruella and the purple plants in the "tars" on you r-o-w.
    It all looks wonderful!!!!!

    1. Well thankee Miss Merry Merry.

      Can't wait for you to see it!!

      Love you!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you!

      Me too, I love the tires. Tars, as we say here in TX. ;)

  6. I was yardening the other day, looking around at various plantings, and noticing things comig back that I thought were long gone. Projects from a few years ago are maturing...looking full and lush and "owning" their space. I finally feel a sense of gardening accomplishment, like yes-I can do this and things will look good! ;-) LOVE your ruellia. I'm still not sure what the hell I got from Brennan cause it ain't ruellia....but it's still there, growing tall. heehee

    1. Kat,

      RIGHT? I'm just now there too and it's sooo exciting.

      Well, there's a ton o' ruellia to be had, as you well know. I'm about to ask for more.

  7. I'm digging the tires and the purple heart. It's very Austin!

    1. Thank you!

      Me too...I really like the tires. Jackdaddy HATES them and I was afraid that I was in the minority, but they've been a hit.


  8. Love the purple flowers. We just planted some bamboo (NOT free :-( ) and I hope that it will grow and spread and fill in just like your rueilia. It's the blind leading the stupid when it comes to gardening and Cane and me. (I know that's not politically correct. Too tired to come up with something less offensive.)

  9. O wouldn't have given those plants much of a chance from how they looked at the start. It only goes to show how tough they are. Looks lovely. Thumbs up!

  10. So pretty! Love it.

    Also, blue plumbago is GORGEOUS and never stops blooming in the summertime in Austin. It's technically an annual plant, but it always came back year after year, probably because the Austin winters are normally so mild.

  11. Wow! This story has a very happy ending. I wasn't sure after seeing the first few photos but it grew beautifully and I really like the string of lots along the top. Very nice!

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