Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Door able

Could you die?

It's a door.

An incredible, fantastical, magical, crazy-ass door that popped up on Thou Shall Craigslist.

(It's not quite that intense in color, but I got to playing with the photo tools again, dammit. )

Where will the door go?

That's a detail I haven't figured out yet. 


But, it looks like maybe, just maybe, there might be some remodeling coming down the pike.  (Is it pike or pipe?)

Remodeling like, opening up the kitchen and adding a 1/2 bath.

EEEKKKKK! weeeeeeeee!

Do any of you live in a home with one bath?

It's doable, but it aint easy.

Fortunately Jackdaddy showers outside almost all of the time, butt the toilet (HA) is another situation all together now if you know what I'm sayin'. 

But the bigger, bigger issue is the complete and utter lack of counter space.

That's it.

That is all the counter space I have and you know I cleaned up the counters before I took this picture because on these tiny counters lives a juicer, a blender, a bowl of fruit, a bowl of garlic, a dish rack, etc., ad nauseum.

Also, as you know, we eat real food.

Food that needs to be cut and chopped and rinsed and prepared.

Mama needs some counter space for real.

Well, turns out we're kinda lucky cuz we just happen to have a little extree room already waiting to be used.

Remember this picture?

See that evil area outside the door that I've been bitching about of late?

That's a breezeway.

In the days before air-conditioning (shudder), they would put these screened-in dog trots between the house and the garage to get a little air going betwixt the two.

Right now it is simply a depository for crapshithellshitcrap.

This crap holder, my dears, is gonna add over 200 sq. ft. to my kitchen!!!!

Oh hell yes it is.

BIG island.

Another counter.

A hip little bathroom with a small utility closet if I'm lucky.


Cork flooring.

THIS window from the IKEA  catalog is high on the list.

It won't happen right away, but it's brewing.

I'm Pinning my head off looking for inspiration.  Boo hoo, I "have" to pin. HAHAHAHAH.

So, yea.  That's the wish list.  

We'll see.

The door will find it's way in there somewhere.

Maybe at the bottom of a stairwell?  Tease Tease.

I'll save that nugget for another post.

Really though, it will be a while still, but we're getting bids.


Wish me lottery luck!

PS May I just say I really, really, really want a BRICK WALL?


  1. Oh, to have a second potty. What a dream come true. For nearly twenty years I've been saying "I'm about to take a shower, do you need the bathroom?" ;-) Kitchen plans sound divine!

    1. RIGHT? Oh, second bathroom, I neeeeed you.

  2. I love adding, subtracting and re-doing my house. We prolly had three or four of these things when we lived on Dowlen and I loved it. Some people hate it - I long to remodel this tiny place. Love the smell of sawdust in the air and Mexican MUSIC! That's part of the deal around here. Love the door so much. Love your plans. Can't wait to see you get started.
    ms mdd

    1. I drove past your old Dowlen house recently. It's for sale...did you know? I still remember bits and pieces of that place...so wonderful. I LOVE the sound of Mexican music and hammers too.

  3. That door is absolutely perfect! Congrats!

    1. OOoo...just your style too, right? I got lucky.

  4. OMG. So there's a couch I want on that Craigslist site. Only I can't get it because they actually want it out of their house and I can't get there! :( BOO!! HOW did I not know of that site?

    I cannot wait to see the fun things you've about to have going on at your house! WOO to the HOO for another toilet!!! xoxo

    1. Wish I could get that couch for you, mama.

      We can duel pee next time you're over. heeee haw!

  5. Oh, I can't wait to live vicariously through you! I can't imagine how you do all the food stuff you do with those measley counters. Yeah, you need them. And bids--I've never gotten bids. You're in the big leagues, baby! :-)

    1. I DO need them, right? Well, I was counting on Caine coming over to do the actual work. Did I not mention that? hahahaha

  6. Replies
    1. Weeeeeee! Just hope it really happens soonish.

  7. OMG!!!! That DOOR!!! It already inspired half a dozen spaces in my head. LOve the ideas you have, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still look at Austin Craigslist :)

    1. OH Tera!!! CRAP, man. I was JUST in East TX and I TOTALLY forgot you're there now. I want to kiss that baby. I'll be back in a couple of weeks; let's talk, shall we?

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