Monday, August 27, 2012


One of the greatest ideas of all time got implemented this weekend.

I was trying to figure out how to rework a soaker hose that had a bunch of high octane leaks in it.  

FinnigantheCurious has been asking for some sprinkler action like they had at Deep Springs.  (This was a super fancy watering system that watered some big expanses of area.  The kids loooooved them.)

Clearly I couldn't reproduce that, so I was hemming and hawing over the soaker hose.

He decided to jump on the trampoline while waiting.



Trampoline + Soaker Hose ....

 See where this is going?

Please do let your kids do the poking.

Finn loooooved getting to stab the hose over and over.

 A little tutorial from Jackdaddy-o.

OMG, this was sooooooo fun and soooooo easy.

We attached it with tie wraps, and let her rip.

I've got about 14 hours of video that I won't bore you with, but lemme just tell ya, this WORKED.

 I got a little garden time in too ...



I just love kid writing.

I also love these garden markers soooooo much.

I didn't take a picture of the bag, but I'll do that today and show ye.

I plant the same sugar snap peas and lettuce (and herbs) year after year so I can reuse these, which is grand.

Tomorrow I wanna show you our BRILLIANT idea for chicken-proof raised bed covers.  (Google that mouthful, y'all.)

Well, actually, we stole the idea from someone, but then refined it, so now it's OUR idea.


It really is brilliant and I am sooooo freakin relieved to have a tidy and attractive solution to the freee-range chicken vs vegetable bed issue!

Huge for me.  HUGE.

The litttle boy's room is still not done, dammit.

Too much outsideing this weekend cuz it was only in the 90s.

When it's in the 90s in mid-August, we central Texans are practically putting on sweaters.


Well, we are planting fall crops in 90 degree weather, for real.

Now for a total non sequitur ...

Need a kitty fix?

Lordy, this is the BEST kitten.

Exactly the kind of cat I most love:  independent, but lovey.  Brave, curious, confident and QUIET.

Did I mention that she sleep through the night?

Did I mention that she figured out the dog/cat door on day TWO and that she nows poops and pees outside?


Good kitten.

Honestly, she is such a good, good kitten.  We all adore her.

Artemis Fartimis.  

Although, she does really fart.  Not that we've noticed anyway.

How was your weekend?  Huh? Huh?

Whadja do?


  1. I love that sprinkler idea! Feel GOOD and you get clean and get to bounce? What better way to spend an afternoon. Good luck with your garden. May the Goddess of Veg smile on you. I'm settin' in the cool, me.
    ms mdd

    1. Oh, I love that the Goddess of Veg smiles on me!

  2. both of my cats are indoor/outdoor. The one that was a stray will specifically hold it if she can for when she's allowed outside (morning and night). Both nice and a pain - nice because it's less litterbox cleaning, a pain because she gets really bratty in the morning because she wants outside NOW!!!

    1. I'm just so happy that this kitten is soooooo easy. Over the years I've easy ones and not easy ones. Our other cat, Cricket, give the 5am YOWL. He wants us to get UP. zzzzz

  3. Can't wait to see your raised bed covers....might be the mo' I need to get back to veggie gardening. ;-)

    1. I'm a slacker, as you well know.
      Hopefully tomorrow.

  4. Raised bed covers? At my house that means you look to see if someone is already taking a nap on your side of the bed. hhslpt
    Artemis is gorgeous and so is Finn. And Jack's legs. How about a picture of YOU to ooh and ahh over?


      Jackdaddy has THE most beautiful legs, tis true. Unlike me.

      Every picture of me shocks me as I still cannot believe that I am really a pudgy middle-aged woman.


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  6. I picked up my new bunny a-frame hutch this weekend!! Post coming soon to a blog near you.

    I love the trampoline/soaker hose idea - but have to admit that I kept having a mental picture of your kid sliding around and out of control on a wet trampoline. Because the last time I was on a trampoline was when I didn't care who saw my fat jiggle. 'Cause I had none. It was that long ago.

    Yay 90's! When it's 90 here people lose their shit. Like actually lose their shit. It's hilarious.

    1. OMG going to see bunny frame now!!

      You child is SO cautious. Lucky me. Also, I really have found that most kids figure out that staying in the middle is the smart thing to do. It's a big tramp. Like me! hahahahah.

      I never had no fat, I think.

      RIGHT?!!! hahaha. It's like when it rains in southern California...people run outside in awe.


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