Monday, August 20, 2012


I'm such a slacker.

I was sooooo tired from a weekend of moving (a friend) and major yard cleaning with Jackdaddy that I absolutely collapsed into bed last night without even thinking about writing.


The nights have been a teensy bit rough again because ....

New kitten!!!

(First chiggers, now kitten.)

Meet Artemis.

Isn't she kayooooottt with her little pink nose and ginormous ears?

A delightful kitten in every way.

Some friends have been tending her for several days, but they are very allergic and she was having to be outside 24/7.  They felt concerned because she reeeeaaallly wanted to come inside, making it seem as though she might have been a house kitty at one point.   

Enter the suckers:  Me and Finn.

She has definitely been someone's kit, so I think we'll try a little harder to find out if anyone is missing her, but, for now, we've fallen in love with her and hope she can stay.

She's little bitty and has that tiny baby squeeeeak meow.

I'm a sucker, indeed.


I also made some NO SEW curtains.

Hooo Hawww!!!  I am all about the NO SEW as I do not sew.

There are about 345,988 tutorials on the Oracle for how to make these, but I am so proud of them I'm just going to pretend like I invented them.

First, you buy yourself some drop cloth from Home Depot (I always choose Home Depot when I can because they support gay rights.).

Take them home and wash them twice.  (I have no idea why, but that's what all the other ladies did so I did it too.)

Borrow an iron and ironing board from your neighbor and iron those puppies for hours and hours and hours.

I had forgotten how Zen ironing is!  I might just buy a set-up for myself.

Or not.

One of the great things about drop cloth is that they're already hemmed on all sides, but, at 9 ft., they were too long for me windows so ...

you use some of this stuff...

It's like tape.

You put some tape all along the bottom of the material and then all along the top of where you want it to be "hemmed" up to, then you fold them together, and then you iron them together.

I know that's not a very good description, but you'll figure it out.  It's extremely obvious.

If you can't,  just Google "DIY Dropcloth curtains" and you'll see how easy it really is.

Then the fun part:  grommets!

I have always loooooved the look of grommets in curtains, but had NO idea that they were NO SEW.


I loved this part and plan to put grommets in everything from now on.

You just lay your fabric down and place the grommets where you want them.

Do a good job on this or  you'll be sorry later.

Needless to say, I did not do a good job as I am such a sloppy crafter.

It's why I can sew or knit or anything good like that.


Makes me crazy.

So I just kinda eyeball shit and hope for the best.

Next time I would try a little harder on the grommet placement as my curtains hang kinda fugly because I didn't space them out properly.

Oh well ... the boy is 8 and could care less.

 All-right, back to tutorial...

Doesn't that look pretty just sitting there with nothing at all done to it?

Pretty grommet.

Now you use this handy little template that comes with the grommets.  (Do NOT throw the grommet package away after opening because the template is almost invisible and hidden in there.)

Hello cute template that worked so well.

Just figure out where you want the grommets and place this handy little thing down and draw a circle on the fabric with a pencil.

Then you do a little cut in the middle of the circle.

Like so.

Well, not like so because you need to cut the whole circle out.  

Stay within the template lines, OK?

And, um, apparently that's all the pictures I took.

But, basically, the grommet comes in two parts - the front and the back.

You pop the grommets apart and put the front of the grommet on top of this  hole that you just cut, and you put the back of the grommet on the back of the hole you just cut, and press down really hard and the two just click together.


Then you have this ...

Drop cloth drapes!

Anyone could make these - promise.

I am the queen of  not being able to do stuff like this and I did it with no problemo at all!

My second curtain looked a bit better because I had the grommet thing down better and I feel like the next grommet project will be even easier.

I'm going to make a grommet curtain for that kitchen door we talked about that is freaking me out.

I'll do that "right after" I go to the fabric store, find some fabric, re-borrow the ironing stuff, and, oh yea,  paint it.  


I'm getting too old for this crap.  Hawwwwww.

I'm still waiting for some pillow cases (that I ordered from Etsy) to get here so that I can show you the boy's room.

Omg, the pillow cases are to die for!

And, uh, also waiting to hang a lamp, and finish painting, and hang some art, and patch some holes, and, and, and ...

That's a lot of work for a slacker, don't ya think?

What'd you do this weekend?



  1. Artemis is adorable. I had one of these tortoise shell cats once and her name was Myrna. My daughter named her after a teacher she had. That cat was the most loving and cuddly cat EVER!!!!
    Finn's curtain is great but to call that project easy??????? Gulp. That tells me how lazy I must be.

  2. I really was a slacker...I had two girlfriends over and we sat, ate, drank and chatted for a couple hours. Then we all went to Savers for an hour and scored some goodies. I barely did any chores, but I did manage to shop and cook for Sunday. And you MUST make this sauce....but just do it on the stove top with an immersion blender. No need to dirty two things. The sauce is THE BOMB! It's vegetarian and you can put it on veggie things, but we had it on sirloin last night and's amazing.

  3. PS. I've got a grommet tool and you don't need to cut out the circle.

  4. Oh Hail yeah! I love the baby kitty and curtains? Girlgirlgirl ..I do not sew either. If I can't stick it down with something it's not gonna happen. I happen also to love drop cloth fabric. It's perfect. I used to wear painter pants to clay school. They were made from canvas or something. Now you can grommet all day long and get better and better. I'm really loving it.
    ms mdd

  5. She's so pretty! She looks like a dilute tortie maybe? I am SO out of the loop. I've never heard of drop cloth curtains but LOVE the idea. I can't sew a lick either and am all about eyeballing stuff. Yours look great!

  6.'ve got me thinking that a drop cloth shower curtain might be just the ticket for this bathroom reno we got going on. (When I'm not up to my eyeballs in paint.) That looks so easy--and they look just fine, so I'm thinking the eyeballing it method is just fine, too. Thanks for sharing this. I don't care if a whole bunch of other people already have. I don't read all of them, you know? :-)

  7. Chiggers?! They are deadly. Artemis is so cute! How wonderful of you to step in! There is nothing like animals to make a home happy! Have a great week.


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