Monday, August 6, 2012


A wild hair/hare got us renovating the small boy's room this weekend.

It's not anywhere near finished, but here are some sneak peeks (because I know you're on pins and needles)...

Oh, yes I did.

I got a holyeffingcow Herman Miller child's desk on Craigslist.

Bowing down to the Craigslist gods.

It's only 29" tall!

Isn't that adorable as hell?

OMG I keep pawing it and stroking it.

It is soooo beautiful.

I got a flash of inspiration on the bed situation too.

Just a sneak peek until you see the whole thing later this week.


Here's how his room looked all weekend.


We also ate some food. 

I've gotten crazy with the homemade tomato sauce.

I put a bunch in the freezer too.

I just can't imagine going back to store bought after learning about this 5 minute tomato sauce recipe from Heidi Swanson over at

 It seriously takes 5 minutes.

Hers called for canned tomatoes, but with it being summer and all I just blanch the fresh tomatoes for 2 minutes, peel them, and then proceed as Heidi says.

Bow down to Heidi, man.

Made bread.

My friend and neighbor, Katie, sold me her Zojirushi bread machine.

THE Zojirushi bread machine I've been wanting forevah!

Course, I have nowhere to put it in my tiny kitchen so it lives quietly and I hope happily on the floor.

Such is the way of the tiny kitchen warrior.

We also did so much swimming that I felt kinda sick.

And we went to the ever adorable Corral Theater in Wimberley.  

That may the  best summer night activity ever.  Spend a few hours at the Blue Hole, stuff your face with some delicious food, then sit outside under the stars and watch a movie.

Elijah, my friend who is 5, looked up at the night sky and said, "Now THAT'S a show."

Well-said my tiny Boddhisattva.

On a deeper note ...

I am sending my deep and heartfelt prayers out to the amazing Sikh community in Wisconsin.

Did you know that the guiding principles of the Sikh religion are Truth, Equality, Freedom, Justice, and Karma?

They've been praying for the shooter and offering love and forgiveness to him.

That is a beautiful thing, my dears. 

A very beautiful thing, indeed.

And I know I might lose some readers on this, but it is time for some fucking gun control in this country.  I am well aware that "guns don't kill people, people kill people," but too many crazy fucking people are getting their hands on too many weapons.   It's not the wild west anymore, it's 2012 and the way we clear people for gun purchases in the country has got to change.


  1. You didn't lose me! I am stuck to your blog even more. :)

  2. See there? I went out on a limb and was rewarded. Thanks, RM

  3. I feel so strongly the same way. I'm just sickened by all this violence and I want it to stop. I'm feeling very scared for our country.
    The desk is a treasure. You got you a good eye, my dear. The pieces you are accumulating are rare and so fine.
    ms mdd

    1. I'm sickened too. Just SICK.
      That little desk is the most beautiful thing. I can't wait to see Finn's baby use it too! Love you.

  4. YES! Gun control. Guns are made for one purpose and one purpose only: TO KILL.

    Hatred against "the other" spewed on talk radio/tv/and SOME Congress members (u no who they r) + guns/ammo online + unbalanced people = tragedy.

    Last time I looked, the NRA had 4mil members. There's more of us than them. Lots more. So why is Congressional legislation and lack thereof in their thrall?

    1. It is INCREDIBLE to me the control that the NRA has. Did you see that USDA debacle? Where the USDA put up notices in THEIR OFFICES encouraging their employees to abstain from meat on Mondays (the Meatless Monday campaign) citing environmental and health benefits. The NEXT DAY, after pressure from THE MEAT INDUSTRY and SOME members of Congress and the Senate lambasted them, the USDA backed down and took down all the notices and withdrew their position. SAME FUCKING GUYS. Money and dogma over sanity. MAKES ME CRAZY!!!

  5. "Right on Right on!" as Matthew McConaughey would say. Guns...we could stand to take several million of them permanently off the street, and we could seriously stand to eliminate some of the too-effing-many retail outlets that sell them, and would could seriously stand to scour the net for 'under ground' dealers, and we could seriously stand to not make so many effing shoot-em-up video games and and and. If only our leaders would take the stand.

    1. WWMD? I like that! What Would Matthew Do? It's a travesty for sure. And video games? My kid plays those games and let me tell you - "they" hardly MAKE a goddam video game that does not involve KILLING things! I have scoured the universe and almost every game has SOME kind of killing theme. Even if you're killing pink fuzzy flowers...still all about killing. Fuckity Fuck.

    2. Oh yeah, and we went to the movies yesterday and they asked to check my purse! Remember the 'colorado movie theater shooting' where the a-hold said he was Joker?

  6. I just saw the ghost of Charlton Heston headed your way. DUCK! That whole thing makes my me sick to my stomach. Agreed.

    1. What a tool that guy ended up being. Moses really went to his head, if you ask me. And DON'T SAY DUCK around those shooters, M. They might think, you know, SHOOT THE DUCK. hahahahaha.

  7. Couldn't agree with you more, Michele. Keep up the good work. Love the desk, too, and I'm going to check out the five-minute sauce recipe.

    1. I know you're on the same page, Lorri. Sigh. LOVING and devouring (slowly) all the books you loaned me. LOVE having you as my neighbor.

  8. Toughen up on gun control? Ok, but I'm not giving up my second amendment right. Crazy fucking people will find a way to get a gun just like they get drugs that are against the law. I prefer to be prepared to protect myself, my family or the Innocent people who choose not to protect themselves instead of being a sitting duck for all the crazy fuckers out there.

    1. Well, I don't really know what to say except that I respectfully disagree. But I think that even people who feel they have a right to bear arms, which I also disagree with, can understand that we've got to find a way to separate the crazies from the not crazies. I really don't have any answers, but that shouldn't keep us from asking hard questions and doing SOMETHING. We just continue to say, "I have the right..." and it doesn't get us anywhere. But honestly, what could you have done in either of these situations with a gun? You wouldn't bring a gun to the movies, would you? Nor to your church, would you? Having a gun in the privacy of your own home is one thing, but no sane person is going to pack a gun to CHURCH. I just wish that we could all come together and sit down at the same table and start a dialogue about this instead of everyone being so dogmatic about the right to own a gun. See Lynell's post below for a better understanding of the second amendment. Thanks for chiming in. I always appreciate hearing from both sides.

  9. Thank you for putting Elijah's comment in really was quite a show, and a lovely night with great friends.

    Can't wait to get to work on that sauce!

    The news of this most recent shooting broke my heart this morning. For all involved. I can't understand anyone seriously arguing against gun control at this point. Even my boy that loves his shooting video games cannot fathom the idiocy of how simple it is to get your hands on guns and ammo in this country. It just goes against all common sense. Good for you for standing up for what you believe in! I'm with you.

    1. Well, as we ALL know, it's not video games that make people go crazy and kill people. Millions of people play violent video games every day and there's just a few crazies every now and then. It's the ability to easily get these crazy fucking assault weapons that worries me.


  10. Picked up a wonderful book by Austin Kleon (yet another cool person in/from Austin! Seriously, what gives?) with what I think may be the best creative advice ever: Don't write what you know; write what you want to read. Or, as a therapist once told me: If you don't show someone who you really are because you're afraid of losing their love, you don't have their love. They can't love you if they don't really know you.

    Love you.

    1. Well, now see, I LOVE that. That is some good advice. I surely do not always write what I want to read because this blog is about silly decorating and eating and thrifting, not polarization. Course, I know most of my readers are liberals, cuz who else would like my sense of humor except our kind? Love you too!

  11. Gun control doesn't mean giving up the right to bear arms (and by the way, that amendment was created to allow militiamen to bear arms. Check out the history of this amendment.) There is no reason a US citizen should be able to buy assault weapons or military-grade arms. In the UK, a citizen can own a rifle for the purpose of hunting game. It is illegal to own a handgun. There were less than 60 shooting deaths in the UK last year.

    On a happier note, Michele, I continue to love your blog. That desk is fantastic. You find the best stuff! Also love the silver bed.

    1. See there! That's where I get timid. I'm not schooled enough in the particulars to argue my point. I just FEEL it in my heart and that's how I live. That damn Constitution is such a sticking point and its SO misinterpreted!!! Just like another popular book, if you know what I'm talking about.

      Are you HOME? or still in my fair London? SO envious if you are still there with all those civilized folks. Sigh.

      THANK YOU! Could you DIE at that desk? mmmmmm Love you!

  12. Still in London and loving every minute. Made a new pal yesterday, Jenny. She owns the building next door (she's quite posh), and has a beautiful apartment on the top two floors filled with books and art. We sat on her rooftop terrace sipping wine yesterday evening. Of course this would happen just a month before we leave London. Oh well.

    And as far as being schooled goes, me either, Michele, I constantly have to look things up. Thank goodness for google and wiki! Sending you, Jack, and that amazing Finn love and hugs.


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