Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tick Tock


Oh god, I've been so absent due to lack of sleep and constant tending of the little boy. 

This has rendered me unable to do much else.

My boys, big and little, went to Mississippi over the weekend to visit some of Jackdaddy's family.

All was well and good until the plane ride home when the big boy discovered just how covered in ticks and chiggers the little boy was.

They did all the right things:   wore long pants, socks, boots, long sleeves, did the post-wood tick check, etc..

What they obviously forgot was the looooong and intense shower/bath that must happen after being in the woods all day. 

Seems they were so tired that they decided to shower in the morning.

Big mistake.

My little one is so unbelievably covered in bites ... it's like a horror movie.

And you do know where chiggers most like to bite don't you?

Yea, down there.

SO, we've been up all night every night with Calamine Lotion and Benadryl and Epsom salt baths and every other remedy known to man, but with very little relief.

Chigger bites just have to run their course.  (Although the Epsom salts were the best remedy of the lot.)

Today should be a much better day.

I hope.

Poor, poor little boy.  Tres miserables!

I had a bunch of stuff from the weekend to show you, but it all seems rather lame now. 

(Nothing like a really hurt child to put things into perspective, huh?)

I'll see if I can dig something up ...

Finally cleaned up the patio.

Hopefully, we'll get that tree chipper next weekend and get rid of the fallen tree.

Repainted my G-A-R-D-E-N letters.

Not sure why I didn't do that sooner.

Did not even attempt to get into the jungle that is my garden.

Too effing hot here ... still.

Please note:  This is in the shade.

In the shade, for real y'all.

There is no "wasting of electricity" when it's 103 in the shade.

All my boy wanted to eat was bread so we made some.

A lot of bread.

And drank tea.

Hot tea, of course.

You know you've got some Irish genes running through your veins when it's 103 in the shade and you're craving tea and toast.

Slaite!  (That's "Cheers" in Irish.)

I'll style you up with some Friday Food tomorrow ... never fear.

Maybe some cute little boy's room will make it debut next week too.  (It looks soooooo adorable!)

OH, and we saw the sweetest, most bittersweet, adorable, precious, cheesy movie yesterday and I highly recommend it to ye:  The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

The critics are panning it big time and I will admit that the cheese factor is high, but, oh my goodness, we just loved it.  I sooobbbbbed throughout the entire film so bring your hankies!  

I will say that it is probably really a movie for adults that is about children, rather than a movie for children.  Not that there's anything bad or even remotely inappropriate, it's just a Mama Tearjerker more than a kids' film.  Having said that, Finn liked it a whole, whole lot.

Cross your fingers that I get a nap today.

I'll do the same for you.



  1. Oh my dear chigger bites. I remember giving our boys long cool baths in water with lots of baking soda. This was a chicken pox rememdy but it still might soothe. I feel for you and your bread looks so delish. I could eat an entire loaf all by myself. I so love good bread. It's got to be good for you.
    ms mdd

    1. Baking sodee...that's a good idea!

      I think if you eat something and it makes you feel soooo happy, it must be good for you! Even something that is "bad" for you.

  2. Oh. My. God. poor Finn! Elias got chiggers really bad a few years ago and the advice we got was to scrub him with a washcloth in the bath because they (gag) burrow and hide. I hope he's much better tonight!

    1. Oh, poor little E! They really are the worst! I grew up with them. Bad bugs.

  3. It's a myth about them burrowing under your skin... but one I believed for a long long time, too.

    I second the idea of baking soda. It works for mosquito bites, too. Make a paste with it and put directly on all the bites. You could even try mixing it with some meat tenderizer to make the paste, that works wonders on bee and hornet stings. Helps with scorpion stings, too. Good Luck!

    1. Finally, just today, he is better.

      I'm definitely going with baking soda next time.

      Thanks for the tip!

  4. Oh no! That's the pits! I got a couple of chigger bites today but they're nothing compared to tons like he has! :( And oh my gosh, ticks! And finding them on a plane! What a nightmare of epic proportions...yikes. yikes. yikes. I think that I read that chiggers insert teeny tiny little straws under the skin and the skin has to work them out. Or something like that. In happy news, your patio and garden are beautiful.

    1. I like the happy news! Thank you!

      How's your kitchen? Are you still in hell? Hoping not.

  5. I don't know what a chigger is, but that sounds horrible. So sorry to hear that about your bunkie--hurt/sick kids are the worst. As for heat, was 100 here in Portland today. 100. Same forecast for tomorrow. And because it's Portland (where, you know, it doesn't get that hot...) we don't have A/C. We do have a big old split-level that gets pounded by the sun all day long and is not cooling down at night this week. I bought a kiddie pool today. I'm going to be thankful I'm not having to soothe chigger bites in it. Take care--

    1. 100? In Portland?

      OW, mama.

      I'll send you some A/C cuz a 2-story with no A/C...that's bad for mamas.

      Chiggers bites are like getting bitten by a 7 lbs mosquito. The itch is UNbearable.

  6. The best (worst) part of the finding-a-tick-in-the-plane episode was that Finn wanted me to get it out RIGHT AWAY. I won't tell you where he found it. I told him okay I'll try but you have to fly the plane while I do it, cause I can't do both. He said sure, okay. Yes, he's just 8 years old but he can keep the plane straight and level just fine under normal circumstances. However, having this procedure going on was just too much for him to ignore, and we were anything but straight and level... and aside from the obvious problem with that scenario, I couldn't make any progress on my task. So I told him this ain't a gonna work but we'd land at the next airport. We descended from the coolness of 8500 feet into a sweltering Lufkin, took care of business, had lunch and pressed onward. The tick stayed behind.

    1. I'm not sure if that's a good idea to tell me that Finn flies the plane sometimes, honey.

      Thank you for landing and de-ticking him and for getting him some Calamine lotion.

      Good riddance, tick.

      Love you!

  7. Hi Michelle! How do you like your bread machine? What model is it? I'm looking, but want to get one that someone has had good results with! Ugh, chiggers... They bite the bad places!

    1. Manda,

      This is the second one I've had. I can't remember what the other one was, but this is a Zojirushi BBCCX20 Home Bakery Supreme. It ROCKS! (DO look on Craigslist and such as they are expensive.)

      The other one was not so great. The loaves had a giant hole in the bottom and the bread was blah.

      I will be honest and say that I think there is a tiny bit lacking in bread machine breads in general compared to home made, although this one is ALMOST as good. And the wonder of just being able to pour the stuff in, push a button, and come home 3 hours later to warm bread ... well, that is worth a teensy bit of lack, in my opinion. Also, you can take the dough out of the machine at some point (I haven't done this yet but was reading about it) and shape it and bake it in the oven if you want.

      So...there ya go! Read the Zojirushi reviews...mucho goodo.

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  9. Oh my dear : put a capful of regular old laundry bleach in your little ones bath water and find some Fells Naphtha bar soap. Love your style. Happy Sunday.

    1. Really?? Bleach? My midwife had us put a capful of bleach in my birthing tub every day while we were waiting for labor day. I have never heard of Fells Naphtha...going to look now. LOVE finding out about new things! Thank you.


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