Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Gonna Gross You Out


Maggots in the compost, dude.

Undulating, writhing, freakish machines of compost.

My friend, neighbor, and fellow urban farmer Lorri and I are digging into the vermicompost world.

She - intentionally.  Me - maggots in my compost.

I am half repulsed and half absolutely fascinated by them.

They remind me of the little green magical worms that James spills under the peach tree.  

(FinnigantheCurious and I spent close to an hour talking about how much we wished they were.  Sigh. Literary longing is the best/worst.)

Have you ever put an avocado rind in your compost?

Goes nowhere ever, right?

GONE with the maggots.

GONE overnight.

I shit you not!  (That's a compost pun, y'all.)

Plus the chikkins LOVE them.

I scoop out a big bowl full, plop it on the ground, and you should see them come running.

Chikkins do run, you know, and it is one hilarious site to see.

It's the no arms thing, I think, that is so funny.

Next time you're out running (HA HA HA) put your arms down by your side and don't move them.


This maggot article is really funny too:  

Grab a big bowl of oatmeal and do some maggot reading.


On a happier note, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who chimed in on the door color!!! 

That was really immensely helpful to have other brains at work with mine.  Really, really.

I am now officially torn between apricot/peach and, thanks to Ms. Mudd, painting it in stripes of ALL the mentioned colors!!!

Holy shit, that was SO not the plan.

The plan was to calm the area down.  Soothe it.  Not magnify it!

But just think ... stripes of red, eggplant, lavender, peach, butter yellow, more green!

Wouldn't that be the bomb? 

I might just do it!!

I'm scared.

Maybe I could do it in muted color stripes and that would be less busy?


Well, I am going to find the fabric first.  I did see the sanity in that.

Course, if I paint it stripes I don't really see how I can put a piece of fabric there too because then my head really would look like that bin of maggots.

Maybe a clean roll-up blind if I do the stripes?

I think I'll tackle it this weekend and just see.

I can always paint over it.  Again.

Friday Food tomorrow!   Think apples. 

Apples with no worms, of course.


  1. I hate maggots. I know they really are beneficial but I truly hate maggots. We get them in the compost because ours isn't very hot and well the SO doesn't turn it. He just dumps things on top and walks off. SIGH

    1. Me too, Nancy. That's why we got them. That new plastic bin, the rain, and that I never put anything in there except food. Bad me. Bad SO. heeeeeeee.

  2. Okay, so with a little one (15 mo) and a hubby working on a dissertation, our compost doesn't get turned all that much. Where did you get your maggots? Or did they just show up?

    And maybe I should stop killing those big white grubs? I thought those were bad, but maybe not?

    and we get grass clippings sometimes, lots of food stuff and pulled weeds/plants. I know, I probably shouldn't put the weeds in, I hate to waste them.

    (and its not liking my 'credentials'... so here they are

    1. Mamarachael,

      Mine just showed up because of the rain, not turning the compost, just putting in food and nada else, and the heat. You can have some of mine. hahahaha.

      DONT KILL THE GRUBS!!! oh lordy, they are SO good and they are what makes your soil good and rich and dark. Love the grub.

      Thanks for stopping by! Cuuuute baby you have there.

  3. Wheeeeeewhoooooooop I am so excited you might try all the colors. I think it's like Ocam's Razor? Did you ever look that one up? So much fun! and grubs-wise, I know they are beneficial but boy they would give me the creeps. I've thought about getting worms. Oh and I found a sprouted avocado seed in the midst of my compost a while back. I had to get him birthed out into the world bit by bit but he's growing nicely in a pot. The most fun of composting is seeing what sprouts. It's making a bunch of vines with blossoms but I don't know what they will produce.
    ms mdd

    1. Oh, MerryMerry told me about Ocam's Razor at one point? AND MerryMerry is growing an avocado from scratch! Y'all are twins. Hers has been growing for a few years now. I'm dying to see if it will make some fruit. Damn you and the strip idee.

  4. My two cents: patterned fabric OR stripes, not both :-) Finding a beautiful fabric would be much more fun and less work that painting stripes, so I'd choose fabric. But I've had a paint brush in my hand for most of the summer, so I'm just a little bit biased.

    1. Oh girl, don't I know it? The thought of painting even such a simple thing is giving me fits. I think it's menopause...everything seems hard.

  5. Stripes are an interesting thought, but make them wide with a few mediums here and there, and make them at a 45 degree angle, and make one of the stripes go from the center of one corner to the center of the other corner. That will make it 'less busy.' As for me, I don't like anything purely vertical or horizontal...but that might be a fashion thing as girls my shape should never wear stripes. ;-)

    1. Oh yea, that's a good idee except the 45 degree thing. You and Jack...anything that barely varies from vertical or horizontal gives me the heebie jeebies. I think it's an OCD thing. I hate anything at an angle. Up, down, circle...that's it for me. But I love the idea of thick and thin.
      "Girls your shape?" You have a great shape...and great "girls." heeee

  6. MAGGOTS?! EWWWW!! ok, after reading the sf chronicle article, the idea is sort of growing on me. is that wrong?! also, karl warkomski is a friend of mine! imagine my shock that he's featured in this article as the go-to guy for maggots!! haha, i can't wait to email him and tell him how famous he is!!

    1. SEE, Carey. Maggots are part of your destiny. Heeeeeee. I'll mail you some. EEEWWWWW!!! NOT. Tell Karl he's famous in Austin now too! How do you know him?

  7. Karl was the mayor of Aliso Viejo, CA when I first met him. We were all (many environmental groups,including Sierra Club, Harbors, Parks and Recreation, Surfrider, ect,)working together to save San Onofre State Park from a toll road being built right through the middle of the pristine wilderness area. It was called the "Save Trestles" campaign. (Trestles is a famous surf break in the park)He's a sweetie, and a very dedicated guy!

  8. I never thought of maggots in the compost for chickens...ugh! Okay next time I have chickens and a composter :)


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