Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Food

You know what THAT is, kids?

THAT is a freakin' blueberry!!

It is, it is!

You know you "can't" grow blueberries in Texas right?

Fill up a big old garbage can with mostly peat and a little dirt and apparently you can!

It's the size of a tick, but is IS a blueberry.

A blueberry tick.

My god, the joy of a plant fruiting is just indescribable. 

You feel like the supposed Big Man himself - And then I created ... blueberry!

Can't wait to see if they get bigger.

My tomatoes are starting to fruit again too.

First time ever for this to happen.

We had a mild summer here (HAHAHAH) with many days only in the 90s, coupled with some rain, and yippppeeeee - more tomatoes!

That's all the food I have for you.

I've been bad.



Nothing to do but quit whining and get back to it though, right?

I signed up for The Whole Foods Kitchen online program with my friend Carolyn.

Nothing like forking over some cash to get my ass in gear.

No, really, I've been dying to do this program and am really, really exited about it.  Carolyn did the 30-day Vegan online program with her, Heather, and said it was outstanding.

I'm trying to find new words to use instead of AWESOME.

I went to get some damn apricot colored paint to paint that back door.

Stood in Home Depot for 20 minutes staring at the apricots and peaches.


Came back.

Tried again and finally came home with what I thought was the perfect apricot color.


Totally yellow.

The card is apricoty.

The color is  yellow.


Not awesome at all.

I need to look at Martha colors.

If Martha says the color is Apricot, that damn color is APRICOT.

Love Martha.

Have I ever told you that I've met The Martha a few times when I lived in Hollywood and worked for that rich guy?


In real life.

She's lovely and very, very pretty in real life.

And that gravelly, deep voice is marvelous.

My knees were knocking.

I thought about trying to slip some piece of my crafty shit in her purse that she might discover later which would lead her to track me down to tell me that I was a genius and that I should come work for her RIGHT NOW.

(This was back in the day before Etsy and Ebay.  All us closet crafters and closet homemakers were all just floating around in the world - alone and oblivious to each other.

But I didn't.


Time to feed them, as a matter of fact.

Have an enthralling weekend, y'all!


  1. Hiya girlie! Say, I went with a Valspar I can't remember the name of it, but it was truly apricot. Maybe they messed up your batch? Put only yellow in the bucket? I've had that happen before. Take it back, tell them to plonk it in the oops bin, and try a different color. I am so excited that you liked the whole apricot idea!!!

  2. Okay - Testing 1 2 3 .. do you read me? This is published as Anonymous. Anyways, I love Martha. There. I'm not ashamed to admit it. She's made home making into a do-able art. As for growing fruit, I'd love to have a Japanese Plum tree full of those delicious little fruits. I have been known to eat my weight from a certain tree inside the Art League garden area.
    ms mdd

  3. I remember LOVING Christopher Lowell's show way back when on DIY decorating and 'home-making.' When he made a bolster pillow and hid the duct tape...I knew he was my kind of guy. Michele, LOVE your flip-top garden beds. Embrace the spray paint...the can is recyclable. ;-)

  4. I was in Austin this July for a family wedding and saw how dry it is...congratulations on getting anything to grow. Hope the blue berry gets really big!

  5. You are my hero!! I have been talking to a master gardener here who keeps telling me that it is impossible to grow blueberries here in Central Texas! Well, I will have to show him your blog! I will definitely give the big garbage can a try....because I oooooo sooooo want blueberries too!!

  6. PS....I love your yellow/peach! So bright and cheery!

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