Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Food


My god, if had only known HOW good homemade applesauce is and how easy it is to make, I would have never, ever bought one single jar of that mealy crap that I thought was applesauce.

I wish I had some pictures of the cute apple man at the Farmers' Market; I was not thinking ahead for sure.

He was so nice and friendly and helpful that I wish I'd chatted him up more.

After tasting his delectable, delicious, delightful, and amazing apples, I want to know him better.

Bat Creek Farm in Bertram, TX is where they hail from.

I swear I thought we had to drriiiiive out to BF, Egypt to get apples here in TX, but Bertram is just right around the proverbial corner.

These were Gala apples and I'm being honest when I tell you that I let them sit on the counter waaaay too long.

And I piled them up together which is supposedly a no-no.

I hate it when I do that...

buy something wonderful and then get bogged down with crap and let the stuff just sit there haunting me and mocking me.

The apples were definitely haunting me.

Getting smaller and browner by the day.

Until I finally cooked those puppies up and OH MAH GAWD!!!

I am not kidding you when I say that the whole house smelled like apples and sugar and a Beatrix Potter story!

If that is what they taste like after 10 days (ahem) I can only image the taste when freshy fresh fresh.

I'm going to the Saturday market to get more.

A LOT more.

Homemade Applesauce
(You're not going to believe how easy this is.)

Peel and core a bunch of apples.

Put them in a sturdy pot with a little bit of water or apple juice.

Cook them on low until they're all soft and squishy.

Put them in a Cuisinart or blender and spin until they're a consistency that you like.

That's it, hos.

You could add sugar or cinnamon, but we did not and you definitely do not have to.

We ate it warm out of the pot.

Holy crap, it was soooo good.

I mean really, really good.

Try it!  I swear it is the easiest thing ever!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

La, La, La, y'all.


  1. It's good with cardamon in it. Or a dash of nutmeg and ginger. I love applesauce. And there is always apple butter.

    1. Oh YES, apple butter!! omg I forgot about that!! yummmm.

  2. Wow...that's it?? Can I leave the skin on? I hate to lose those nutrients. I need to make this....then serve it on ice cream. ;-)

    1. I might try it with the skins next time. All the recipes I looked at said not to though so I didn't. I imagine it's a texture thing. The skin would just not blend up like the innards, but that might be OK too.

      Holy hell yes...on ice cream...with granola.

  3. Delish and good for you! I often stew up tasteless peaches and/or plums with a bit o' water. They taste wonderful just when you think they taste turrible - you know, they look so perfect in the store and then you bite into them and it's all mealy, tasteless blah? That's when I'll stew 'em and it brings out some tart and sweet surprising goodness.
    ms mdd
    ps I love to suck on cooked plum pits.

    1. That is a good idee because I hate mealy fruit. blech.

      You plum pit sucker, you.

  4. Back in the 30s when I was growing up we had applebutter and white bread sammidges.
    I don't think leaving the peelings on would be a good idea. It is supposed to be smooth, isn't it?
    Applesauce was a side dish with roast or ham. I never thought of it on ice cream but wow!!! that is on my "Gonna" list.

    1. Honey, apple butter and white bread? YUM! Im making bread right now and hope to get some apples tomorrow sooo...what time can you be over?

      I don't like applesauce with anything except applesauce. And ice cream. And maybe oatmeal. Or granola. Or...heeeeee

  5. Go and get yourself a little food mill. Available anywhere from WallyWorld to your local hardware store. Fits over a bowl, has different discs with varying size holes to strain the fruit through. Powered by your elbow grease. Strains the fruit, leaves you with all the peel to put in your compost or down your disposal. Just core, quarter and cook your apples, mill, et voila!


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