Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Food

I'm late, I'm late (for a very important date!).

I went to sleep last night at 9 pm.  

That's NINE.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anyway....guess what, chikkin butt?

We made cheese!!!

Out of this ...

Can you believe that?

I swear, if I had come on here to say that I won a gold medal in curling, I would not be as proud as I am about making cheese.

And it was easy!


I mean, it took us about 4 hours because we were so afraid of screwing up and we kept reading the recipe 500 times and hovering over it all like a mother hen, but, ultimately, it was easy.

Stretchy, stretchy mozzarella!

Yummy Yummy mozzarella!

And THEN, because we are so damn cool, we made ricotta from the whey!

Whey, dude!

I won't bother giving you the recipe because I doubt if any of you are going to rush out and make your own cheese, but I will tell you that if you are thinking of doing it you might wanna get this book:

I can't get the damn picture of the book to work right so just click that link and you can read all about it.  It's basically a "cheesemaking for dummies" kind of thing, but everything turned out just scrumptious.

So, yea, we made cheese.

Now, I know a lot of people are doing this these days, but we just felt  like we had done something miraculous!

What's old is new, right?

I must be wet behind the ears then.

Y'all have a good weekend, OK?

I'm doing a little work on FinnigantheCurious' room.

I might get out and wrestle that jungle of a  yard of mine.

I might eat some cheese.

Watch some chikkin TV.

Party on, Wayne!


  1. How exciting! I've always wanted to make cheese. I'd like to make goat cheese but hey, I wouldn't turn down moz and ricotta :) Good job, Holts!

    1. Roberta, I looooooove chevre and do plan to make some. Gotta find me a goat connection.

  2. OPuleeeeeeeese!! I have been yearning to make cheeeeese toooo. Really. I love your cheese and I am so proud I bust. Really - I love cheese. Tell me does it taste like cheese? For Reeel?
    ms mdd

    1. YES, it tastes like CHEESE! Can you believe it? The mozz tastes really, really good, much better than the store bought kind. The ricotta tasted a little bland to me, but I like my cheese salty as hell and Jack does not. It may just be that I'm used to crappy grocery story ricotta and have no idee how real ricotta tastes. COME OVER AND HAVE SOME!

  3. We should all make cheese and have our own cheese tasting party!!!!

  4. After reading this, putting a vinegar rag on my forehead and lying down with my feet elevated, I am just barely able to comment:
    GOOD GRIEF!!!!!! Is there no end to your cleverness? My only claim to home-made is mayonnaise. It is true: after you make your own [cheese/bread, etc] store bought is not even in the running.

    1. MerryMerry - Homemade MAYO?! YUM. I will serve you homemade cheese in bed and refresh your cold rag any day!

  5. Replies
    1. Oh and it was mmmmmmm. And now it is loooong gone.


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