Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Color Advice Needed

OK, so I've never asked for color advice before, but I'm tee-to-tally stumped and I realized that maybe y'all could help.

The door that leads from my kitchen to my back patio is turquoise and it's making me crazy these days.

It was fine when the kitchen was white because it added a pop of color, but now that the kitchen is olive green it's really ikky.


There's also the problem that that door looks out into the always, always, always messy and stuffed with crapcrap breezeway and patio.  

The giant window and the giant giant dog/robber door means that I have to look at that nightmare alllll day.

SO ... I need a soothing color and I need to make a little cafe curtain.

Pronto or I'm going to go berzerko.

Now, I don't want white, but that's all I'm sure of.

Do you think I should paint it olive green too or is that too much olive?

I have been thinking that a buttery yellow might be nice.

I don't have much yellow in here, but I might like to move towards that, and I do have some yellow aprons that hang in here full-time.

That might be nice, right?

Olive green, the pale greenish walls, and a buttery yellow door?

What say you on this?

Oh, and remember that I can tie the colors together with the fabric for the window once we decide.

OK, and one more thing ...

So, you know I've been purging/redoing Finn's room, right?

Well, I put a big box of kids' books out on my porch and sent an email to my hood saying to come and get 'em.

I saw a sweet Daddy with his two girls going through it.  

(How sweet are Daddies with little girls, by the way?)

Look what was in my mailbox yesterday evening:

Seriously, is that the cutest, sweetest, most adorable thing ever?

Look at the preciousness of those long, floppy ears!!!

I just got weepy with the sweetness of it all.

Books = Love, y'all.


  1. I'm no expert in color, but one rule is to choose a color that is opposite your green cabinets on the color wheel. What color are your kitchen accessories? Maybe bring in a color from the dining room/front room that looks into the kitchen. How about an easy tangerine? Not bright and jarring, but softer.

  2. Yep, maybe a soft peachy yellow? I forgot to say no orange. My love of orange is waning. SHOCKING, but true. Thanks Kitty!!

  3. I actually love the color of the back door with the green cabinets. If you look at the photo of your backyard, the door is similar to the chairs in all of that green-ness that is your backyard!

    1. Hmmm, maybe just put a curtain up with softer colors? Maybe that would help? It feels so jarring to me now. I think it's all that WINDOW. We just put that giant dog/robber door in before our trip and I think that's a big part of the problem.

  4. How about a red door? I love olive and red together!

    1. Ooo girl, LIKING the red idea! I love olive and red too and I have a lot of red already. GOOD one.

  5. Replies
    1. Ooooo a soft purple? That sounds beautiful. SEE, green really is a neutral color! Off to look at purples now.

  6. i kinda like the turquoise too. maybe just adding a buttery soft yellow curtain would give you what you're looking for. or maybe some vintage citrus fabric, you know with cut lemons on it?
    those drawings are way too adorable! i find myself getting all teary about this kind of cuteness, now that my boys are over 6' tall, loud and smelly! haha!

    1. You do!?! Well, shoot, maybe I should find some soft fabric and see how that works first. I sure as hell don't want to paint if I don't have to.

      RIGHT? Can't you just see those little ones drawing this? My kid is running around the house with a Nerf gun right now. hahahah.

  7. I'm here too remind you that you didn't like all the color when you came back from your summer tour! ;) What about a really rich super dark grey with a tinge of brown in it? Or maybe a suuuuuper deep eggplant?

  8. I think the buttery yellow would be really nice, or if you wanted something to blend in, maybe a shade or two darker than the green on the cabinets? I'm famous for using all the shades on a color card. I also like the red idea.

  9. I simply was overwhelmed by the gesture you made to share and the little note you got in return. Everyone is a winner especially all of us who read your blog.
    Butter yellow.

  10. I agree all the way with Merrymerry. Sharing books as you do is truly a "mitzvah." And colors? I just bought a pair of lime green capri pants and for some unknown reason, a pink T shirt and I think I'm gonna love it. I've never combined like this before and I think it must be the ozone in the atmosphere? or the colliding of planets. Maybe have a door with three colors! Purple, yellow and PINK. I'm serious!

  11. I think a soft yellow curtain or door would be good. Also a pale honey might be a nice transition from orange to yellows. I can't say much my bathroom is pale green, turquoise and grape purple with what. My SO loves to paint things in funny colors. In our pale green ugly kitchen he put up sorta burnt cantaloupe shelves. It's the ugliest kichen in the world I swear.

    You could try a deeper olive that matches your walls for a restful feel. Sometimes a monochromatic color scheme is restful.

    This Swedish designer is great for color ideas. I just love her stuff. After staring at them for like two years I finally bought a sale blouse.

  12. It's the view you hate, not the door, right? I love green and blue together. Why not frost the glass so that you still get the light but not the view? That etched look comes in a spray at the craft store and you can make it as opaque as you want.

    1. It's the view, yes, but I'm also tired of the's too ... oh, hard. Oooo frosted glass is a great idea!!!! I've seen that spray paint, but have never tried it. Have you done it? Is it easy?

    2. IF you're not ready to commit to frosted glass, go get that window film stuff at Lowe's. It comes in colors and styles...including the smooth frosted look. I just put the stuff on my windows to cut down on the heat from the sun, and I did it myself, so I know you can do it. When you're ready, you can peel it off and have clear glass again.

  13. As soon as I saw it I thought yellow for the door. But a softer yellow - buttery like you said. With a blue and green and yellow patterned curtain. God, if you could find fabric with those colors and a glittery silver thread, it would be TO DIE FOR.

    1. RIGHT? Oh my gosh, that would be so cool. Maybe, obviously, I should get the fabric first and then paint after. I was thinking the other way, but that makes more sense now. I loooooove fabric and that part will be so fun. The paint should come after.

  14. I know your love of orange is waning, but...what about a shade of apricot? I am soooo into apricots right now, with their hint of pinky-orange, golden loveliness. Plus they are in season and really yummy. A couple years ago, I painted by upstairs bedroom (which was once a hayloft, but that is a story for another day) pale apricot on the slanty walls, with a touch of apricot light ceiling, and dark chocolatey brown on the faux closet adjacent to the old chimney. It is such a warm, soothing room to retire to in the evenings. If you want comfort and soothey vibes, go apricot, girlfriend.
    A completely nonbiased lurker.

    1. OK, Missy Lurker, I think THIS post is the one that sold me. I have a total fantasy about an upstairs bedroom with slanty walls so you're barking up the right tree here. And with chocolate brown? omg to die for!

      I'm going to look for apricot.

      Peachy apricot against my dark wood floors.



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