Monday, July 30, 2012


AKK, sorry for the late start!

It was "one of those" Sundays and I had a hard time getting going this morning.

Look what we got on Friday!!!!!


Four new chickies!!  

Two Americaunas and two Barre Rocks.

So far they are Claudia, named after Jack's friend who died recently; Jo Ellen Pickering, to replace the last Jo Ellen Pickering who was named after my mama's old friend; Margie Smith, who was my mama's best friend and a dear friend of mine as well.

No name for the last one yet, but it will come, I'm sure.

Finn is lobbying for Apollo Creed (he just saw Rocky for the first time.)

I'm ignoring him.

OH! But maybe Adrian would be a good name.

Interestingly, our older ladies just ADORE them!  Usually the old hens give the new babies a hard time, but everyone is clucking around, showing them the food, chasing off the evil cat.

Good, sweet chikkins.

Speaking of sweet ...

Jackdaddy had a birthday so there was chocolate!

Homemade brownies!

Holy hell they were amazing.

We made homemade pizza too because man cannot live by chocolate alone.

(So not true.)


And I wonder why I can't get that last 5 lbs off.

How was your weekend, love bug?

Delicious, I hope!


  1. YumO .. That's your basic food groups, girl are you kiddin'??
    Precious baby chikkensies. May they be well and prosper.
    ms mdd

  2. If you were not already my precious, perfect family you would be the one I would long for.
    I vote for "Fiona" as the fourth name.


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