Monday, July 23, 2012


Good Morning!

How was your weekend?

Lots of work got done here, but it was all relaxed busy kind of stuff.

I've been uber-puttering all day, every day.

I looooove puttering.

And cooking.

Oh, man, have I ever been cooking, good looking.

Just a random, hilarious shot of Lanell.

I have about 5,998,087 pictures of my chikkins. 

They're so hilarious and endearing and sassy.

Let's see, what was I gonna tell you?

Oh, yea, Jackdaddy took down a dead tree ... that's always a good time.


He and the trusty Jeep made hay and got that poor old thing down.

I "helped" by leaving and going to the HOPE Farmers' Market

I just love, love, love that market so much.  

It's the one that has the most interesting people and you know how much I love that.

Lots of dreadlocks, tattoos, crazy clothes, and barefooted children.

Dig the bounty ...

Bow down to the bounty.

$80 bucks, y'all.  (That's including a $12 cheese splurge.)

Worth every penny and then some.

I was craving grilled okra cuz it is okra season big-time. 

Have you ever had grilled okra?

OH. MAH. GAWD.  It is the only way to have okra, trust me.

Well, I love fried too, but eeeeeekkkk, such a big, fat mess!  And eeeeekkkkk, such a big, fat ass!

Grilling is the absolute shitbomb.

All you do is marinate them in some cheapo Italian dressing. 

OR, some delicious homemade Italian dressing, hos!

Oh, yes, I did!  Not to be frugal, but because I was out.  

But, I gotta tell you, I don't think I'll ever buy the stuff again.  

This was soooo easy to make and sooooo much better than the store-bought.

OK, so then, marinate them in that for a while then throw them on a hot grill until they're crispy on the outside.

I like mine almost charred.


Even the dogs like them. 

I guess that's not saying much as my dogs will eat paint chips and be thrilled, but they are really good. 

Guess what else we did this weekend?

Had to buy a new &%*$# washing machine.

Yea, because our FIVE year old one died while we were gone.

FIVE years.  That's all they last nowadays.

And I'm swearing you, I don't even do a lot of laundry.  

At all.

We are an extremely low-wash family.

So, yea, I'll save the rant, but needless to say we had to buy another one AND, of course, this time we paid EXTRA for the %&$*$ extended warranty.  

It's not enough that it costs what it costs, but then, if the %&$*& breaks after one year, you need an extended warranty.

That's just so crappy and mean.  Mean, mean, mean General Electric. 

Grouse, grouse and more grouse. 

I tried to convince Jack to order a German one on the Internet.

Costs as much as a house, but we'll never buy another one.

Blah, blah, blah. 

On to sweeter things ...

My Pecos, TX. cantaloupes were about to hit the fermenting stage so I had to act quickly.

We made agua fresca and ... drum roll, please ...

Cantaloupe sorbet!  

(Thank you, dear Donna for the ice cream maker!)

Am I fancy, or whut?

Fancy and freaky, as a matter of fact. 

Wanna see something so freakin' creepy?


That my friends, is why I'm making cantaloupe sorbet and not freezing home made tomato sauce.

LOOK at that one on the top right just staring at us!

Not even remotely afraid of me.

In fact, he looks as if he's taunting me.

And look at that stink bug getting some action too. 

It's a veritable rave!

Party on, crazy tomato ravaging bugs.  

Have a good time boys because tomorrow I'm gonna point some chikkins your way.



  1. WhoatheBounty !! I'm so jealous. I heart fresh veg. I'm lovin' that you are back and giving us a peek into your little farm/garden/island of stuff and all things good.
    ms mdd

  2. MMMM, I've been eating freshness all day! Come have some with me!

  3. "Party on, crazy tomato ravaging bugs" I'll have to remember that. Freaking creepy though...


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