Thursday, July 26, 2012


I am feeling overwhelmed in every conceivable way.

I found these uncovered in the fridge this morning.  

They were supposed to be for dinner last night.

 I still need to unpack all of this.

I still need to unpack all of this.

 I still need to unpack and clean all of this.

I need to fold and put away all of this.  (Fortunately the new washer is in and they are clean.)

Of course when mama is overwhelmed, then everyone else feels cranky and anxious and, oh, overwhelmed.

I decided to just slow down a bit.

We went swimming with friends yesterday and I got in some much needed "hash it all out" time with girlfriends which was sooooo helpful.

And so, when I got home I took my time with this:

(Loving this new drain rack that helps me take care of a few dishes right away throughout the day instead of waiting for the dishwasher.)

Also took my time with this:

 And when I came back in, I found this:

A good laugh always helps.

Always, always.

Friday Food tomorrow, y'all!

Hope I can scrounge something up or you'll be getting a fabulous recipe for popcorn.


  1. NOthing to do girl but jump in and get to chorin'! I heard that on Lonesome Dove and laughed out laugh. Sometimes chorin' sucks, but things just gotta get done.

    1. LOVE that ... chorin. I'm still chorin.

  2. I have been there! It's truly awful but the good news is that with each chore you get that huge rush of satisfaction. Hard to come by these days.
    ms mdd

  3. Sometimes coming home from a vacation makes you need a vacation.

    1. Is that the truth or what?! I need a fairy to come and make it all better! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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