Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3

On our way up to the Truckee, CA area today.

Glorious weather, as always.

Seriously, California should be ashamed of itself with this kind of weather day in and day out.

The new (to us) (soooo not new) pop-up is working out wonderfully. I'm having just the teensiest bit of longing for the tent world. Not so much at bedtime though when I climb in my warm and comfy real bed. zzzzzz.

We've been at a big RV park the last few days. I have never, in my life, seen such ginormous RVs. They're like mobile mansions! Hope they're not making up for lack in other areas. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Started the morning off with some kid puking. Poor little button.

Threw up then immediately asked if he could still ride his bike and play in the woods with the other kids. (I said yes, by the way. What's a little puke amongst campsite friends?)

I've been downloading Kindle books like a crazy person.

My midlife crisis seems to be manifesting as a desire to become a real homesteader.

Clearly I need to get a grip.

Have you read Joel Salatin's: Folks, This Just Ain't Normal?

Not a homesteading book, per say, but it set my brain on fire.

My turn to drive ... gotta go.

Miss you!


  1. My mid-life crisis manifested itself as a vintage camper and desire to set out on the open road. Quite the opposite of a homesteader as everything I'll need will always (I hope) be available at the next stop, heehee. Happy trails my dear.

  2. Every time I hear Truckee California I think of the Donner Party. B/C that is around where they got stuck. Just FYI. Thank God it's not snowing right now...
    So glad you are having fun! I love that last picture of the kiddo engrossed in a BOOK. Love that.

  3. LOVE the photo of the extra virgin olive oil with the extra virgin candle! Nice.

  4. Funny, our travels re-inspired us to grow more food and get some chickens! Joel Salatin us a hoot! A localvore evangelist worth every chuckle. Enjoy your trip! xo


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