Friday, July 20, 2012

I know it's supposed to be Friday Food, and I was gonna show you my garden, but, before we move on could someone please buy this gorgeous thing?

And then give it to me?

Holy crap, Mister!  Do Not sell these.  

You'll be sorry someday.  Trust me.

Buy it here, or be square: 

Have I mentioned how much I love Thou Shall Craigslist?

I refused to let myself look at all while I was gone which means that now I can have a giant binge session.  

Which is what I did today instead of tackling a couch FULL of dirty clothes.

Did I mention that my washing machine is broken?  Really, it is.

Perfect timing, right?  Home from 2.5 months on the road and ... BOOM ... broken washer.

Tom, the washer dude comes tomorrow and then I really will have to work, but today?  Surfing!

OK, one more.  Could you die for this?:

My little one is too big for this now, but lawwwwdy I love it!!!

(Actually you should wait because that price has gotta come down.)

OK, just one more one more ... OMG totally, utterly, completely losing my sh*t over these:

EIGHT of them, y'all.

Eight!  Where can I put them? 

Everywhere!  That's where.

I really may have to get one for sure.

Come to the globe.  Feel the power of the globe.  

How 'bout those postcard effects on the pictures?  Fancy, huh?

Blogger has all these new tricks for editing pictures and I couldn't resist.

(Me and every other Blogger on the planet, apparently.)


Anyway, sorry there's no recipe.

I had cantaloupe and iced tea for dinner tonight.

With a double helping of Craigslist for dessert.


Have a great weekend.  

Don't melt.


  1. I love the stuff. Get the stuff. Must have stuff. I want stuff. Go forth and get stuff.
    ms mdd

  2. Pass on the bookshelves -- many moons ago I babysat one of these units while the owner was between houses & boy, was it a pain to dust!

    1. Linda,

      Are you trying to imply that I should dust?

      Heeeee. You're totally right though. I had a slatted coffee table once and it was a PAIN to dust.

  3. I want the globes. They'd be perfect to replace every stinkin' boob light in this house! I'm sure there must be 8 of them.

    1. I thought of YOU when I saw them!! Wouldn't they be awesome in your pad? LOVED your last post...over to comment today!

  4. Hi! I have to stay off Craigslist for that kind of stuff or I think I *need* it and get pissy because I can't have it. ;) But when I have a different house? Oh girl, look out!


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