Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Did I show my goodies I got whilst on vacation?

I don't think I did, dammit!

THE cutest little tea towels on the planet.

Found, uh, crap I can't even remember where we were.

Just some crappy little grocery store that we happened upon.

They were .99 each!


I do remember where we got this:

Oh yea baby, a "Penguin Hot and Cold Server."

Do you have any idea how long I've been looking for one of these?

Actually, I have never seen nor heard of one before Jackdaddy spied it in this RAD thrift store we found in Durango, Co.

By the way, Durango?  THE most adorable freakin' place ever!!!

All so Colorado-y and stuff, but super liberal and hippie-like.

Yum, yum, my kinda town.

Seriously though, who could pass up a damn penguin hot/cold server?

A lot of you probably, but not meeeeeee!

FinnigantheCurious with his macabre sense of humor said that we should invite people over and tell them we made penguin soup with meat that Jack brought back from Antarctica.

So hilarious, my boy.  And weird.

What else? 


Basket love ... found in Mammoth, CA.  at an outdoor flea market.

Now you can get these same baskets at Whole Foods for half of what I paid for it, but I really prefer to grossly overspend on my souvenirs.

Honestly, I was so excited to find this booth because I looooove these kind of baskets and have been wanting one forever.

We were in the Santa Fe Whole Foods a few weeks later and they had the same &%^$#@ things for half the price.

Jack snickered and said that the Nigerian woman I bought them from probably got them all at Whole Foods then took them up to Mammoth and sold them to dumbos like me.

Sucker.  That's me.  Me, the sucker.

I love it either way.  

I also got a tiny one that I've been using for collecting eggs and for collecting 4 baby chicks after they've had some free-range time and have to back to the safe zone.

Baby chikkins in a basket is soooooo unbearably kayoooot.

Doesn't matter if the basket was cheep or not.


PS  Don't forget to say, "Jackrabbit" when you wake up in the morning for good luck.  If you forget, my mama will call and remind you - she always does.  She is a good, good mama in all ways, but especially for reminding me of important things like saying Jackrabbit on the first day of the month.


  1. But your basket has a great story about Durango and the Santa Fe one doesn't. So you won!

    I love souvenirs. Love the tea towels.

    Did you go to the Farmers Market in Santa Fe. It's a great one!

    1. No, dammit. I was DYING to go to the SF market as I have heard so much about it. Missed it by a day. sob. You're right..my basket has a story, dammit.

  2. We had the penguin cooler when I was a kid: it was our cookie jar. Aawwwww....

  3. I love your new stuff - baskets are one of my favorite things. Going shopping/snooping/pickin and buyin stuff with you I would be a very happy mud woman.

  4. I am going to add to your angst about all the 60s and 70s stuff I discarded:

    I had a Penguin ice bucket thing JUST LIKE THAT ONE. (It prolly is the same one if the truth be told.) I see your eyes rolling back in your head right now. I dare not mention piece after piece of orange enamel dinnerwear.............
    And yes, if you send me your phone number, I will call to remind you of Jack Rabbit.

    1. Oh god, some day, when you're gone, I'm going to do a post about all the stuff you discarded. You evil, evil woman, you. Heeeee

  5. I can't see your tea towels, I'm too mesmerized by your bitchin' stove. God I love that thing.

    My grandparents had the penguin ice cube thingy, wish we would have hung on to that cool stuff instead of garage sale/fire sale in the late 80s. :(

    1. I know. That stove is INSANE, isn't it? Love that Jackdaddy. Omg, you have no idea how much cool stuff my mom ditched in the 60s/70s. SOB.


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