Tuesday, July 24, 2012

From My Bookshelves

 Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer

 This was THE best book. 

I read about a gazillion urban farming books whilst I was on vacation and this one was my very favorite.

Even if you're not into urban farming you will love this book.

I just want to stop people on the street, shove this book into their hands and beg them, "Read.  Read this please."

This chick, Novella (what  a crazy, awesome name, right?) lives in inner city Oakland, CA in a dilapidated old duplex with a ... drum roll ... vacant lot next door.

You know what comes next ... yep ... girl gets her farm on!

A farm, in the ghetto, on a dead-end street, in an abandoned lot that she does not own.

Farm as in chicken, turkeys, rabbit, bees, and, yes, pigs.

Do you know how huge pigs get at full size? She ends up raising two of them on her tiny, rented, abandoned ghetto lot.

Oh my gosh, not only is she HILARIOUS, but she's really, really smart and witty and her writing style is so real and clean ... I honestly could not put it down.

I made myself half carsick reading it;  just couldn't stop.

I've read so many of these urban farm books and I can say with full confidence that this one rises to the very top of the proverbial milk jug.

She didn't write this book to make a few bucks so that she could keep farming, she wrote this book because she is a wonderful writer and also a dedicated farmer.

It's the real thing.

Real farmer.  Real writer.

Did I mention that I loooooved this book!

It's one of Oprah's recommended summer books:  

Here's the Amazon link to buy it:  

I see you can get it used for $4.  FOUR bucks, dammit.

I got it on my Kindle, but I loved it so much that I ordered the hardback too.  It's a must own kinda book.

Here's her blog:  http://ghosttownfarm.wordpress.com/

I really hope you buy it.

I want her to be wildly successful in every way.

Plus, I went to her blog just to check her out, and she has a new baby!!!

Her blog is:  http://ghosttownfarm.wordpress.com/

Writer.  Farmer.  Mama.

Y'all let me know what you think!
PS  So...I'm a vegetarian, you know, right?  Well, she definitely isn't.  That's the only way I know to put it.  She raises them and she kills them so, if that stuff freaks you out, you may not want to read it, but I was able to see past that aspect.


  1. Oh, great. My indentured servitude to Amazon just won't stop. If I don't order this asap it will at least be winking at me from my wish list. Thanks for the book tip. I am currently reading "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" - also very, very funny.

    1. Looked up "Let's Pretend This Never Happened," it looks hilarious! Thank YOU for the tip. And my indentured servitude continues as well. Sigh.

  2. Me too. But you had me at vacant lot farming. I'd love to plant gardens in every lonesome inner city abandoned ones. It's the wave of the future, or better be.
    ms mdd

    1. It IS the wave of the future! Seed bombs, baby! You will LOVE this book, trust me!

  3. I love when she starts eating rabbits.

    And when someone steals her watermelon.



  4. OMG the WHOLE thing. When she takes her pigs to that bitch...I swear, I cried. And the FOOD! My mouth was watering the whole time. I was THIS close to shoving as much meat as I possibly could into my mouth. Heeeeee.

  5. Okay, you sold me. I'll buy it. Laura

    1. Yea! Let me know what you think, Laura.

  6. Thanks for the reading tip--downloaded and in (on?) the Kindle. Nice to have you back.

    1. Miss H,

      SO glad to be back, thank you! How were the ROCKIES? yum.

  7. Ordering now on Amazon! I'd love other urban farming book recommendations - I really want to get serious about it.

    1. Betty darling,

      I'm going to do a post on all of them that I read. It's been a crazy week. I can also shoot you and email about it. I am TOTALLY getting serious too. weeeee!

    2. Yay! Let's geek out and brainstorm together! I also ordered The Quarter Acre Farm. Already reading Farm City and loving it!


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