Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Food

At last!  A real Friday Food!

Well, sorta.

It's Friday Frosty Beverage.

This is the time of year when you find yourself with semi-rotting melons sitting on the counter drawing flies.

This situation is no bueno and calls for quick thinking.

God/Goddess bless the folks south of the border 'cuz they came up with the world's best summer drink (other than a mojito, but I'm talking sober drinking here).

Agua Frescas = Fresh Waters and it is sooooo easy squeezy to make that you'll be out on the veranda in no time.

Now, there's all kinds of fancy ways to do this, but  I just wabi-sabi it on up and there's no discernible difference between mine and the fancy stuff.

You can make it sweeter or less sweet.

You can use melons of any kind or peaches or whatever.

You can add booze, or not.

You can mix it with club soda or sparking water or just water.

But here's the basic ho-down:

Melon Agua Frescas

You'll need one blender full of cut up fruit with no skin on it.  (We had honeydew.)
1 1/2 cups water (regular water)
1 tablespoon of lime juice
pinch of salt
some simple syrup
Sparkling water to taste

Blend all the melon and the regular water in the blender until to.ta.lly liquified.

You can make the simple syrup while this is blending.  Put one cup of sugar and one cup of water in a sauce pan and stir it up.  Turn the heat up and bring the mix to a boil, stirring every now and then.  When they're both combined and it just looks like water, you're done.

Put a colander on top of a big DEEP bowl and line it with cheesecloth or even a thin dish towel. (Really.)
Slowly pour the melon into the towel/colander.  It will start dripping into the bowl below it right away.  Let it drip on its own for a bit and then gently lift up the towelby all four corners and squeeze that bag thing so that all the juice runs into the bowl.  Put the leftover mulch in the compost.

Stir in the lime, salt and SOME of the syrup.  Taste the mixture and see how you like it.  It will be LESS SWEET once it's frozen (isn't that weird?) so add sugar accordingly.  You do want it to be sweetish.

Put it in the fridge and chill for an hour or so.

Pour some into a big glass full of ice and top it off with the sparkling water.  Stir.

Jackdaddy and I like ours with lots of water.

Needless to say, Finniganthecurious likes his with less water.

 Isn't that pretty?

Looks like green Tang.

 Salud, y'all!

Have a delicious weekend!

PS  Today is Jackdaddy's birthday!  Hooo Hawwww! We're eating out tonight!!  That's my favorite kind of Friday Food. 


  1. I could drink gallons of that! So cool So Frosty. Happy BDay to JackDaddy and have a nice suppah!
    ms mdd

    1. Thankee Ms. Mudd. A little vodkee doesn't hurt either. wink.

  2. Look at you all totally back into your blogging! Look at me finally getting caught up! Just ordered the book from the last post and making this tomorrow for my girls while we're cleaning! :)

  3. I know...look at me! Look at YOU cleaning and cookin and whatnot. xoxoxx

  4. Make mine a plain gin and tonic, please.


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