Thursday, July 19, 2012

Digging In.

Holy everything, we're home!

What a crazy, big-time, ass-kickin' trip that was.

Too much trip, really, for this homebody of all homebodies.

But I survived and am a better woman for it!

We got home on Sunday night, late.

On Monday morning we all sat around in a bit of a stupor for a while.

 I forced myself to relax, drink a couple of cups of tea, read some mags ...,

but that was all I could manage - I had to get cocooning asap.

The first thing I do when I get home from a big trip is start cleaning.

I'm like a madwoman -  Baseboards!  Cabinets! Pantry! Windows!

It's just a compulsion.  

I love nothing more than a fresh start.  For me, that means cleaning and purging.

I've got 2.5 months of luggage and shit out on the patio waiting to be unloaded, and here I am on the floor scrubbing baseboards.


Also, (and here's where you're finally going to understand just how freaking insane I am) when I walked in my house after being gone for so long, it looked to me like the art supply closet for a pre-school had vomited all over my house.

Oh mah GAWD .... too much color!!!

Why didn't someone tell me?

I, quite honestly, was totally freaked out by my own house so I did what any self-respecting house freak would do:  I drove to IKEA.

HAHAHA.  I swear to god, the day I got home from my trip I drove to IKEA and bought a dark brown slipcover for the Karlstad couch.

Better, y'all.

SO much better.

Do you ever do this?  Mini freakouts of the "what was I thinking?" kind?

A part of me felt like I was insane, and the other part of me felt sooooo soothed and relived and uplifted.

Such is the madness of the woman gone too long from her anchor.

I also took every freaking thing out of the refrigerator and scrubbed it within an inch of its life.

OK, well, really Jackdaddy took all the drawers out because our fridge is squeezed so tightly up against our cabinets that you need a *%^# engineering degree to get all the drawers out.

Where does all that crap come from?

HOW does it get in there?

It's because I can't get the damn drawers and shit out because I don't have an engineering degree so, there it all collects.


But look now, hos!

OK,well, I forgot to take an after picture, but here's a picture of me washing a drawer.

Fascinating, I know.

Oh my god, it's SOOOO clean though. 

I've also been making food up a storm.

We were all so freaking sick of eating campsite food and restaurant food so I got in there and fired up the real stuff.

Saving seeds from the Pecos, TX. cantaloupes.  (More on that later.)

Pesto with basil and garlic from my garden, and walnuts from a road side farm stand in California.

Black-eyed peas from same farm stand.

So freakin' good.

Ice tea, y'all.

Just can't tell you how happy I am to be home!!!

Scenes from the jungle, uh, garden tomorrow.

And the clean fridge.

If it's still clean, that is.  


  1. Welcome home!!! Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. Glad you are back and even more glad you had a great trip! I loved your house, colors and all. Mine is just a crow nest full and untidy.

    The watermelon is good as well as the cantaloupes :)

  3. I don't tend to go crazy cleaning when I get home - I try to do it before we leave. There was one time where I cleaned the night before we left and when we returned home I had forgotten that I had cleaned and thought the pet sitter had done it. Yeah, that was fun.

  4. ha, you are so funny, cleaning and redecorating after your trip! you can take a trip to my house and clean and redecorate to your hearts content, any old time you want!

  5. Corricks - HI! Will call in a few days when I stop hibernating. And redecorating.

    Nancy - My dream house would be an untidy bohemian crows nest. But it would be a house that just I lived in so it would just be my untidiness. You know what I mean? Those cantaloupes were amazing!! wish I'd gotten a watermelon too.

    Katina - I hear you. When I go on a small trip, I do clean before, but this was such a long trip that it was hopeless. The funny thing is that my house was pretty clean from the housesitter! Im just crazy.

    Hi Carey! Wish I could have seen you guys in CA. We decided to go north and beat the heat. Huh, I bet your house looks like a magazine, Missy.

  6. Welcome home! I'll fill you in on my latest cause. xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Dark brown slipcovers make all the difference. VERY nice! I can never get mine on as well as you did. Yours don't even look like slipcovers; they look like the furniture came that way.

    Glad you're all back safely!

    1. You know Sandy, the slipcover issue is a gift from the IKEA gods. They sell slipcovers in several fabrics for all their couches so they fit perfectly. Thank you, GLAD to be back!

  8. Me I love the brown covers. I wish for do-overs all the time. I wish I'd done differently in my bedroom. The furniture is way too big and overwhelming. Cheesus girlbabyfriend I'm so glad you are back. Missing home is so totally total. I don't ever want to leave my house ever again except sometimes. That cleaning and purging feels so good too, I know. Fresh start and all that. THANK Gooodnesses Goddesses you are back. I missed you and your stuff so bad.
    ms mdd

    1. Oh lordy, girl, I MISSED YOU TOO!!! SO much. I've been thinking of you a lot lately for various reasons. When I come see MerryMerry, I'm gonna take a side trip in to see you too! I am never leaving my house ever again. EVER. Cept for sometimes. hee hee. My house is getting cleaner by the SECOND!

  9. I've been itching for a brown cover and mine is only grey, not even a color! LOL It looks AWESOME in your house with that wall color!!

  10. Let me just say that I thought of you the WHOLE way to IKEA and there and then putting that cover on (which was not as bad as it looked like it was going to be!) I thought of us meeting over this couch and the various colors we have had...hahaha. LOVE LOVE LOVE the brown. HIGHLY recommend. HOW do you keep that gray one clean? I've got a RED one (cover) that I bought on 1/2 a while back if you're interested. Heeeeeeee. Finn's dying to see Owen, btw. This weekend?

  11. I feel dizzy from all you accomplished!

    I left for 3 days, came back and sat on the couch for an entire afternoon just trying to recuperate. I did not drive to Ikea. I did drive to Starbucks, though.

    Glad you're back! Hard to believe 2.5 months have gone by...

    1. Yes, well, see, that is because you are a smart and sane person.

      Smart and sane people drive to Starbucks.

      Crazy people like me drive to IKEA.

      Glad to be back!

  12. Welcome home! So I guess before you redecorate it is best to go on a long trip first? I found that so interesting. I remember returning from trips to Mexico, where we'd go for two months when we were kids and my brother and I returning to our rooms swearing someone had moved everything and laughed at how funny the carpet felt under our bare feet. Gone long enough to forget :)

    1. Oh, I can just see you and your brother!! We never went on trips that long, but I remember feeling that way after just a couple of weeks.

      BABY?? BABY NEWS PLEASE!!! I have not had one second (because I've been driving to IKEA) to look at other blogs but I am DYING to see that baby!!


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