Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bumf**k, Nevada

We're just coming off of several days in the middle of nowhere.

I mean, really nowhere.

I'm dying for a shower and some food cooked in a kitchen by someone other than me.

Pizza is what I'm craving.

And a giant salad.

And a cold, cold, cold beverage.

Did I mention that we've been in the uber-boonies?

HOW ├╝ber-boonie you ask?
(Don't you DARE tell him.)


  1. The Patented WabiSabi Butt Shot!


    Oh, if he ever knew.....

  2. Oh, the comments one might make linking the post title to the photo. But this is a family blog, right?...;)

    I am having some serious road trip envy.

  3. Oh my god, are y'all one of THOSE families?? I hope you and Finn were dressed. ;-)

  4. HHHEEEE, he's free!!!!

  5. Oh. My. God. I laughed so hard at this Michele! SO funny, I love the camera bag and hat. Perfection! hahahahahaha *dead* -Hils

  6. Great shot, love it!!!!!!!!!!!


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