Sunday, June 17, 2012

With Our Hands.

One of the most wonderful things about not having much Internet or the Xbox or Netflix or the daily beeps and bells of city life is that we make so many things.

This week we made shields and swords in the shop.

We collected the most beautiful desert flora and made arrangements for every room in the house.

We made an adorable perch for Athena. (Someday I'll tell you the hilarious story of me riding my bike with these giant limbs attached to the handlebars with bungie cords. I'm sure you can imagine.)

Um, what else?

I dunno. Seems like we create something every day.


I'm actually in the adorable, gorgeous town of Los Gatos, CA, today visiting dear cousins. Lest you are envisioning me in the desert spinning straw or something. I'm actually lolling about in a darling little boutique hotel, still giddy from seeing the Indigo Girls in concert last night! At a winery on top of a magnificent hill no less. (A surprise from my cousins!)

Slumming I tell ya'!

Another week at Deep Springs then off on our camping adventure!

Yee Haw.

Miss you!

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  1. I am loving the wild flowers! I'm rooting all kinds of stuff in jars around my house - and oh I LoVe the Indigo Girls you luckyduck you!ms madd .. mdd


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