Thursday, June 21, 2012

Merry Solstice!

(Disclaimer:  this blog is on semi-hold as we are on the road for a few months doing some camping.  My apologies for the crappy IPhone photos, brief narration, and glaring misspellings made while pecking laboriously on a tiny keyboard.)
The Solstice music: June Hymn by The Decemberists
(Pretty much my favorite song in the world.)


The food: fish tacos beside Mono Lake

The fun: popscicles with cousins

Wish you were here.

Miss you!



  1. Ah, love the Decembrists. Feel so bittersweet about summer solstice. Hate to see spring go...This song captures it, perfectly.

  2. Happy Summer Daze
    ms mdd

  3. Miss you too Michele! Looks like you're having a grand ol' time. See you soon! xoxo

  4. tacos!! Looks like tons of fun.


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