Friday, June 15, 2012

Mammoth Lakes Trip.

Mammoth Brewing Company.
Baby bird rescue.
Mammoth rendition of tennis shoes on a wire.
Goats in a pick-up truck.
"Dangerous" river crossing.

Gorgeous town, great mini-trip.

Miss you!


  1. I am happy for your hiking. You gettin' to see some cool sights, girlgirl!
    ms mdd

  2. And what happened to the baby bird?? Love the hiking! xoxoox

  3. Thank you for sharing your hiking adventure. Fun, fun stuff!

  4. Oh, that baby bird! When my son was born (8 weeks early, 3.5 lbs) my mom and I called him Bird Boy. He looked much like your bird--bones, skin, tiny, so fragile. His arms curled in just like those wings.

    Glad you are having such great adventures.


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