Monday, June 11, 2012

Just had to show you...

(Disclaimer:  this blog is on semi-hold as we are on the road for a few months.  My apologies for the crappy IPhone photos, brief narration, and glaring misspellings made while pecking laboriously on a tiny keyboard with my poor vision.)

what my mama sent me for my 11th wedding anniversary with jackdaddy.

Holy CRAP I have been wanting these sooooo badly. I made myself not by them (yet) as we were going to away from home for so long, but oh, oh, oh, I am out of my mind with love for having them NOW after all.

I couldn't resist the close-up shots.

Which one is your favorite?

I can't decide!


Also a stack of waffle weave cotton napkins.


Does she know me or WHAT?

I'm giddy and so,so,so grateful.

Miss you!

(Aren't I just awful? Nary a mention of my dear husband and our wonderful years together.  Nope, all I wanna dish about is silverware!! Hoo haww...y'all know me.)


  1. They're all really cool. I can't choose.

  2. Do I really have to choose? They are precious. I'm also bustin' with pride over you being among those chosen for fave blogs. I ain't the only one who loves your sass!!
    ms mdd

  3. I choose the blue spoon with the filigree pattern on it. Absolutely - it was the one that caught my eye in a heartbeat.

    I *love* that silverware. I also love moms who know what we *love*.

  4. Oh my GOD!! Where can you buy those?? Anthropologie, like the multi-knobs? So bitchin'. I LOVE the olive green one with red flower waves. Want to see what I got???

    Miss you lady! hugs!

  5. when I first saw this I thought your mama sent you two goats in a truck! Ha, that would have been good, too



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