Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Right now I'm teaching myself to play the harmonica.

Did you know the harmonica was invented by a 16-year-old German boy?

You know how those German boys are.

Got some water ballooning in.

Got to file some library books!

OMG I've always had SUCH a fantasy of being a librarian.

Deep Springs is in between them right now so I get to re-shelve my own.


I heart Dewey Decimal.

Went up and looked at some crazy radar doohickeys that are sending messages out to other systems.

Like, other worlds and stuff.


OH! I got a present in the mail today from my mama and I THINK I know what it is.

I'm not supposed to open it until next week (wedding anniversary), but I'm afraid it's haunting me because I want it soooooo badly.


Whatchoo doin?


  1. My very first real job was in a library. I worked in libraries in college. Three years ago I decided I was done with being an English teacher and started taking classes to become a school librarian. Right before the economy tanked and they started firing all the school librarians in Oregon (and everywhere). I would love to be a librarian. Or have a bookstore. I think I'm like the guy who wanted to grow up to shoe horses right when the Model T was coming out....

  2. When I was in elementary school I worked in the library and still have the certificate.

    I've been helping a friend who had a knee operation, donating my car of many happy year but sadly now broken to charity.

    Waiting for some last minute beans to start growing and thinking of doing artwork.

    I'm glad you started posting again - I missed you!

  3. I'm a Dewey tooey! I feel like a human computer when I'm in a big libary. I clutch the scrap of paper with the numbers and letters scribbled down. I search and search, finally getting closer and closer..then PoW I'm almost there! and WoW! Suddenly out of that sea of books out pops the very one I'm looking for. SCORE!
    Had lunch with our bunch up in Jasper and then followed the leader up the road to her house and gardens. What a treasure trove of things I found. There were so many things to see. "Chicken Little was Right". I saw collages and photos and books books books and tiny things too, tucked on top of shelves. We had coffee and chocolate pie. I was home. I would spend every day investigating every nook and cranny, outside and in. Wished you were there. msmdd

  4. Miss you lady!! I'm still futzing with pavilion, we're not quite done yet. Also doing some trailer camper shopping, NA stuff, restaurant stuff, life stuff. ;-) Is three months up yet?? Hurry home. xoxo

  5. I always get a shiver when I see satellites pointing straight up. I don't know why. It's very Jodie Foster/Contact.


    And while you are living it up, I'm in an office. Working. Dreaming of the slaughter day for my Red Ranger chickens and thanking whatever invisible spirit that I have windows in this office!

  6. Another nerdy librarian. I took "library practice" all through junior high and high school; why did I not consider that as a career? Sex, drugs & rock n' roll, I guess.

    It looks like you guys are having a wonderful time out there ... what memories you'll have!! Do you think Finn will go to school there later?

    Love, Nan

  7. Worked in a library 15 years! Left it last year, miss it. I visit libraries every where we go.

  8. i had no idea you were blogging from afar. i was just missing you and decided to check it out. elliott had a fantastic time and is talking nonstop about it! love and miss you!


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