Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On The Road (barely)

Day One.

After an epically (although not particularly unusual) late start last night, we drove about 3 freaking miles to a hotel where we all proceeded to melt down, down, down. Dinner, a swim, and a bath followed by a good night's sleep had us and about and on the road feeling somewhat better today.

Not the best start to an epic adventure, but so it goes. Three miles is three miles when you've got 678,909 to go, right?

Today was all about driving, Starbucks, travel Scrabble (oh Cory, I'm soooo rusty), the Kindle, music, and miles and miles of Texas.

I'm interested to see how this IPhone Blogger thing works.

I have no idea if the pictures will show up or what font you might see or anything, really.

All I do know is DO NOT attempt to use the drive-through at Starbucks when driving an F-350 and towing a pop-up camper.

And if you choose to do it twice, against your wife's strong advice, well, good luck with the rest of your day there buddy.

Party on, Wayne.


  1. If you make it to Oregon, you better let me know! Seriously. And I was so happy to see you in my inbox. Was not liking the idea of a whole summer with no wabi-sabi. :-(

  2. And why wouldn't Jackdaddy order his wife out of the truck and into the store for lattes after the first attempt?? ;-) heehee

    I agree with Rita....was missing you already and was delighted to see a post! Yes, pictures showed up and your font looks like Comic Sans. So far so good! See you on the road!! xoxox

  3. Margie Smith's Mother used to say "A bought lesson is the best kind." Once through the drive-in would have been enough for me but So It Goes.

    "The sun has riz and the sun has set,
    And here I am in Texas yet."
    Ogden Nash maybe?

  4. OH so happy to see you! You just can't go away from us for too long. Please find fun where ever you roam and let us see the sunny side and the gloomy side. We can take it!
    ms mdd


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