Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day Two.

Made it to Albuquerque.

Picked up the gazillion dollar canoe to replace the gazillion dollar canoe we borrowed from a friend and then broke.

The canoe guy had the most awesome house complete with bee hives.

Turns out he is a healer and does bee therapy. I thought about asking for a little free sting or two for my aching knees.

Then they would be .... wait for it ...

The bees knees!

Hoo haw!

Flagstaff tonight, hope hope.

Low tonight in the 50s.

Yea, you Texans hate me.



  1. YooHoo your pictures came throo! Keep on truckin' --
    ms mdd

  2. I love New Mexico.
    Nice pixs. Keep 'em coming

  3. Wait! Come back! You forgot the kitchen sink!! hhslpt
    The canoe is gorgeous. Too bad you have to give it back.
    I read a book once and the lady used bees to sting her hands because she had arthritis. She said it worked.

  4. OMG!!! I was BORN in Clovis!! Seriously! Dad was stationed at the AFB. ;-) And I totally dig that bumper icon with the reading What a message! xoxox


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