Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day Three.

We stayed at the La Posada hotel in Winslow, AZ last night. (and yes, I did stand on a corner.)


A stunning, stunning hotel.

I want to save it for a real post when I get home. Google it, if you want. I had a reaaaally hard time leaving.

The only "exciting" news of the day is that we forgot to switch drivers before Hoover Dam And I ended up having to drive over that @&$!@ new bridge.

OMG I thought I was going to DIE.

I do NOT do bridges well.

About to hit our last Whole Foods before making our way to Deep Springs tonight.


There will be some serious stocking up happening.

My face is sunburned, dammit.

Big truck windows. Big sun. Not enough sunscreen.



  1. I know that route! Though I don't think we ever stopped in Winslow, we just sang our way through. Lots of LA to Lubbock drives. Yes, it getting hot right now, and lots of sun, even for us used to Texas sun.

  2. Enjoying hearing about your traveling adventures & seeing the pictures.

    It took me a second to get the "standing on the corner" bit. I wonder how many younger people will.

    By the way, you're missing all the rain & cooler temperatures here in central Texas. What a welcome change in weather!

  3. I don't know what "standing on the corner" means but I am not younger.
    Is it from a song?
    I can totally bond with you on the bridge situation. I find I drive slower and slower and...........


    Funny! I know the song well, but it didn't come to mind right away. Too bad you had to leave Winslow...the Winslow Blues Festival is today and tomorrow.

  5. Happy Sunny Trails. Hope you get some good groceries and can dig right in.
    ms mdd

  6. oh my goodness.... i am so glad i logged on ..... i had no idea you guys had flown the coop for the summer... wow...!!! truly .. wow!!! i will look forward to updates... love, annie

  7. What a wonderful place to work! I visited Giverny last week, but was horrified by the crowds. Must be quite a factor for the gardeners to consider - the sheer quantity of people moving through the garden each year! But I'm sure that working there is quite different because you get to enjoy the garden during the quiet times.

  8. Did you visit our big old' crater in the area? We have never managed to stay at La Posada... Thank you for the reminder to make that happen.


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