Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Right now I'm teaching myself to play the harmonica.

Did you know the harmonica was invented by a 16-year-old German boy?

You know how those German boys are.

Got some water ballooning in.

Got to file some library books!

OMG I've always had SUCH a fantasy of being a librarian.

Deep Springs is in between them right now so I get to re-shelve my own.


I heart Dewey Decimal.

Went up and looked at some crazy radar doohickeys that are sending messages out to other systems.

Like, other worlds and stuff.


OH! I got a present in the mail today from my mama and I THINK I know what it is.

I'm not supposed to open it until next week (wedding anniversary), but I'm afraid it's haunting me because I want it soooooo badly.


Whatchoo doin?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Scenes from Deep Springs College

The winds are favorable for Internet use today so I bring you scenes from the day ...

Playing spies...
The potter and the bicycle man...
Writing letters...
The treehouse...
The flowers...
The bell that calls us to communal meals...

The days are slow and simple here.

I hope e can find a way to live more like this when the city siren calls us home.

Surely there is balance that can be struck between this and that.

Miss you!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day Something or Another


How ARE you?

Oh, I'm delicious and delightful.

We're on our way to Vegas (!) to pick up Finn's friend, Elliott. He'll be at Deep Springs with us for 10 days. Finn woke up at 6:20 this morning with excitement.


Oh well, we're staying the night in sin city so I'm sure they'll be wide awake until they're, well, not. Elliott is old enough to not have meltdowns, and also old enough to live through Finn's meltdowns so were all good.

The Tropicana awaits! We love Vegas for the swimming pools and the Tropicana has a rocking' one.

Neither Jack nor I gamble, but I'm sure there will be a piƱa colada or seven pass by our lips.

All-righty ... Some visuals to make you good and jealous.

Did I mention that I look up at the Sierra Nevadas every day?


Miss y'all!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day Three.

We stayed at the La Posada hotel in Winslow, AZ last night. (and yes, I did stand on a corner.)


A stunning, stunning hotel.

I want to save it for a real post when I get home. Google it, if you want. I had a reaaaally hard time leaving.

The only "exciting" news of the day is that we forgot to switch drivers before Hoover Dam And I ended up having to drive over that @&$!@ new bridge.

OMG I thought I was going to DIE.

I do NOT do bridges well.

About to hit our last Whole Foods before making our way to Deep Springs tonight.


There will be some serious stocking up happening.

My face is sunburned, dammit.

Big truck windows. Big sun. Not enough sunscreen.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day Two.

Made it to Albuquerque.

Picked up the gazillion dollar canoe to replace the gazillion dollar canoe we borrowed from a friend and then broke.

The canoe guy had the most awesome house complete with bee hives.

Turns out he is a healer and does bee therapy. I thought about asking for a little free sting or two for my aching knees.

Then they would be .... wait for it ...

The bees knees!

Hoo haw!

Flagstaff tonight, hope hope.

Low tonight in the 50s.

Yea, you Texans hate me.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On The Road (barely)

Day One.

After an epically (although not particularly unusual) late start last night, we drove about 3 freaking miles to a hotel where we all proceeded to melt down, down, down. Dinner, a swim, and a bath followed by a good night's sleep had us and about and on the road feeling somewhat better today.

Not the best start to an epic adventure, but so it goes. Three miles is three miles when you've got 678,909 to go, right?

Today was all about driving, Starbucks, travel Scrabble (oh Cory, I'm soooo rusty), the Kindle, music, and miles and miles of Texas.

I'm interested to see how this IPhone Blogger thing works.

I have no idea if the pictures will show up or what font you might see or anything, really.

All I do know is DO NOT attempt to use the drive-through at Starbucks when driving an F-350 and towing a pop-up camper.

And if you choose to do it twice, against your wife's strong advice, well, good luck with the rest of your day there buddy.

Party on, Wayne.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Well, the time has come my pretty duckies.

We are off for another amazing Holt adventure!

I'm afraid to tell you how long we'll be gone this time for fear of a revolt.

Tres months.

Yep...three long months of no Texas summer.

HOOO HAWWW you're hating me now, aren't you?

First we go to California to this crazy, incredible, strange, marvelous, fascinating place:

Yea, 26 boys, 26,000 acres.

No cell service.  No high-speed internet. No Pinterest. No Twitter. 

(OMG, no Pinterest.)

Just us, and kids, and the cows.

I'm so there. 

I've got a stack of board games that would blow your mind.

So, we'll be there for a couple of months then off in the pop-up for some good old-fashioned road tripping.

I see Bryce Canyon in my head.  

Maybe some Idaho action?

Oregon is always a siren for me.

The road is my master!

Jackdaddy has been working furiously (sometimes literally) on the pop-up to bring it from it's former neglected state to ... well, I'll just let you see.


She's so minty fresh!!

Cushion horror.

Upcycled shower curtain and table cloth fabric!

Squeeeeeeeeeeeal!!!!!  Right? 

I'm pretty sure I'll have the coolest cushion covers in the whole of the West.

Now I just need to do something about those curtains but, alas, out of time.

Don't you worry your pretty little head about The Wabi-Sabi House now.

Things are under control with another precious family moves in to play Holts for a while.

I know some little girl will make sure all animals are loved and fed, and some not-so-little-anymore  boy will make sure the xbox doesn't dry up and rot.

I downloaded a Blogger app to my IBoyfriend (aka IPhone), but I have no idea what that will all be about.  

Guess I'll try it from the road and see, right?

I'm off to finish packing.

I spent the day yesterday with some kind of bitch of a bug that had me on my knees in the bathroom all day, if you know what I'm saying.

FinnigantheCurious and I downloaded the last 4 episodes of Glee, Season 3, to watch this morning while packing.

OMG I'm DYING because I can see the last episode is called, Choke, and I know it's the one where Kurt and Rachel have final auditions for NYADA. 

Shitshitshitshit pleeeeeeeease don't let them screw up.  


Did you know I used to be an actress?

Uh-huh, I was.  

I was a very, very good actress, but I SUCK at auditioning.  

I just really suck at them.  Which is weird because I am a very good tester.  I can take a test with no problemo.  In fact, I am quite the lazy student, but seem to almost always be able to ace a test.

Not so much the audition process.

I am going to DIE if they both don't get in.  Just DIE.

I know you probably already know so DO NOT TELL ME.

So, OK, then.

Have a great summer.


I'm not sure what to say.

I hope I can stay in touch, and I will try, I promise.

I'll give you a full report when I get home, for sure.

Maybe by the time I get back we'll have some Glee Season 4 to talk about!


Write me!!!!!