Monday, April 9, 2012

Wabi-Sabi Weekend

Some insanely gorgeous purple Romaine from the Burnet Road Farmers' Market.

We're not big on Easter here, but I just can't resist coloring eggs, especially since our "ladies" provided them.

Plastic for the hunt.  

Next year the boys are going to hide them for ME!

I do think that I'm the only one who really likes hunting Easter eggs.

Finn plays along, but his little heart is just not in it.


What boys wear instead of Mary Jane's and bonnets.  

(This is a Minecraft Enderman, in case you're wondering.  A leftover from Halloween.)


Organic oranges in from the Valley.  Courtesy of a bulk order from Johnson's Backyard Gardens.

You can still order them.  

Absolutely mouth-watering.

Roses from the garden.

What the little boy is currently surviving on.

A borrowed canoe has us all hankering for one.

Luuuuuuuuna the Wonder Dog.

Salad with all kinds of goodies plus extra pumpkin seeds cuz Mama loves them.

Bringing Easter dinner to Grandmother's.

The old and the new.

Both precious beyond words.

It's house cleaning day.  weeeeee!

I simply cannot keep myself out of the garden and my house is suffering for it.



  1. LushLushLushcious pix, girlbabyfriend! I love fresh pineapple too and all the other stuff. Your roses! Your eggs! Lovin' everything.
    ms mddd

  2. It looks like summer there! What a gorgeous weekend you had. That last photo just kills me. Amazing.

  3. If you come to my house next Easter I will dye and hide real eggs for you to find.


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