Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Things.

Still giggling at FinnigantheCurious' birthday "cake" this year.

Inspired by his friend Jack Wayne's "cake."

The easiest and cheapest cake yet; I could used to that aspect.

Thoroughly enjoying this book by Spring Warren.

Wondering if it's possible for me.

Thinking that a person's name can often determine their interests in life.

Wondering why I never knew that almond milk is sooooooo good.

Drinking this daily.

OK, sometimes twice.

Digging in to this new magazine by Amanda Soule and friends.

Finding it beautiful to look at, but  hoping it evolves into something a bit less esoteric.  (Although I'm sure that's the whole point.)

Feeling grateful, as always, that my mama is so generous to us.

Both magazines, neither inexpensive, were  gifts from her.

Still really, really, really loving my green kitchen and mismatched knobs.

Having fits of wanting everything this color.

Feeling downright happy that I finally found a place to put the rubber bands.

Feeling even happier that this unkempt storage doesn't bother me in the least.

Changing is good and sometimes surprising.

Ecstatic that I finally found a seamstress!

Marveling that she lives a few houses down from me.

Thinking that I will probably wear this skirt every day this summer.

Plotting to find more money so I can have more of them.

Feeling peaceful today.

Hoping you are too.


  1. Ha! I love the cake! And I don't think I could be more jealous that you have a seamstress. xo

  2. I switched to almond milk a while back just to get away from too much soy and I like it. I am so excited that you have real and true food growing for you now. I hope you can harvest a ton before the hotness gets us again - unless it decides to freeze and snow in August. Well! It could happen!!
    ms mdd

  3. You're right, it's the little things that can mean so much. It's also the little things that drive one crazy and out of their mind, depending on which side of the bed you woke up on...which is why we should switch with the SO every now and then. ;-)

  4. What a great BD "cake". That will be my next offering at someone's BD.
    Everything is so amazing at your house. YOU most of all.
    Love your new skirt.

  5. I love the little things.

    Such as figuring out where to put the rubber bands or that people actually prefer donuts to cake (it's true. I've done personal studies on that.)

    I mean - it's fried CAKE. Best of both worlds.

  6. Okay, I left a comment yesterday and it hasn't shown up! WTF?

    Anyway, LOVE the "cake" and SO jealous that you have a seamstress!!xo

  7. I posted yesterday but I don't see it. hummmm? Anyway - I use almond milk in everything and I love your drawpuls. Miss Missmatch, I love your house and all your stuff.
    ms mdd

  8. I made a donut cake like that for someone years ago. I got them from Mrs Johnson's. They would melt in my mouth if they were still warm. The days of gluten and Austin :) Now I have to be gluten free and don't live there.

  9. Love the skirt fabric! It reminds me of the gorgeous vintage flour sack fabric I got from my grandma. I made skirts out of it, too!


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