Friday, April 27, 2012


I must interrupt Friday Food again because we have a new member of the household that I'd like to introduce you to!!!!

Meet Josephine.


She's a precious little love bug, isn't she?

She was a runaway - found on the streets.  Seems she had gotten herself into an abusive relationship (you know how it goes when you're on the road), and needed some help.

And here she lives!  

Safe, sound, and well-inspected ...

Cricket the cat was huhlarious!

Totally hopping around every time Josephine would pop her head and start moving.

Josephine is different than any turtle I've ever met.  She's very friendly and tame.

She'll crawl right up to you and stick her precious little neck out and peer right up at you.

She loves her swimming pool.

Apparently, three-toed Texas Box Turtles like water a bit more than most box turtles.

She plunged right in and hung out there for quite sometime.

Her little butt and back legs were sticking out in the air whilst her front half was submerged.

Did I mention she's so cuuuuutttteeeee?

Did you see she has ORANGE on her?

I wasn't expecting to come home from a playdate with a turtle so her habitat is a bit, oh, wabi-sabi.

Actually it's just kinda ugly, but I'm gonna work on it. 

She had a great time exploring it all while I sat and watched, and watched, and watched.

She slept in her cozy little house last night.

She had some fresh chard from the garden this morning, went for a swim, and then went back home.

I guess she's doing some decorating.

Maybe waiting for the cable guy.

Josephine + Me = Love

Thanks to Heather and Austin for letting us re-home her.

(Jackdaddy and my house/pet sitter ((still hopefully bfff)) say "Thanks a lot" too.)


  1. Love this!! I am going to smile the rest of the day. Sweet Josephine!

  2. I'm Fainting! I love it. It must be destiny. I hope she stays with you forever and ever.
    ms mdd

  3. Oh, how cute is THAT?? She needs a much bigger swimming pool'll be filling it 165,489 times a day. ;-)

  4. I never knew I wanted a turtle until today...and all I've got are two wiener dogs I can't seem to properly potty train. Sigh.

  5. A little turtle was one of my first pets when I was a kid - very cool!
    Have fun & remember to wash your hands (my sister-in-law found out about the possible salmonella connection the hard way)


  6. Josephine has found a very good home for herself. Lucky turtle!

  7. RM - She IS sooooo sweet!

    Ms Mudd - I almost fainted when I met her too. I'm totally smitten.

    Kat - she doesn't need to actually swim, just cool off so the pool is supposed to be a little shallow pan like that. I check on her 457,896 times day anyway though. wink wink

    Rita - I'll see your two weiner dogs and raise you a turtle.

    Annie - OMG I totally forgot about hand washing!!! Bad mama.

    Tina - She is lucky I got her away from that crazy male she was laying low with. I feel lucky to have HER also.

  8. I. Love. Turtles. And my husband's very favorite term is wbi-sabi. I am enjoying this blog!

  9. Do you know the song "Come Josephine in my flying Machine and away we'll go"?
    Maybe Jackdaddy can take her for a ride in his flying machine.

  10. I may be wrong but I think you have a tortoise.

  11. I wonder if she will come when called and also, what are her favorite treats?
    mss mdd Plus I thought only those little ones in fish bowls were the ones to fear, salmonella-wise.

  12. Awe, too beautiful. Love the photos. ~Evelyn on Vallejo

  13. Looks like she's found a perfect home with the Holts. Lucky little Josephine! xoxo

  14. Awe, Joshephine! What a lucky she is to have found such a wonderful home. Austin and I are SO happy she is with the Holts. We know she will have much love over there.

  15. I WUV her! Sooooooooo adorable!!! So what became of the roo?


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