Monday, April 16, 2012

I dunno.

I've lost the blogging bug.

I have no idea where I put it, but I simply cannot find it.

I'm sure you're all on pins and needles waiting for improvement (not), and I wish that I could guarantee that things are going to change but, I  dunno.

Can't seem to rouse up any interesting stories to tell.

We went camping this weekend.

Titillating, no?

We were supposed to go canoeing on the Llano River with some wonderful Camp Fire folks, but after about, oh, 15 minutes on the river we had steered right into a tree, run aground, and finally dumped the whole damn boat over.

Finniganthecurious had a total shit-fit and informed me  in no  uncertain terms that he was not getting back in that blankity-blank boat for five more hours of terror.

We hemmed and hawed a bit.  

Cajoled and reassured.  

Brainstormed and chewed the cud.  

Finally decided that he and I would just hike back up the river on foot and good old Jackdaddy would get a partner and finish the trip without us.

So that's what we did.

I guess some folks would have made their kid suck it up and finish, but not us.  

It's supposed to be fun, not terrifying.  My kid was pretty much terrified and that's enough for me.

I was "lucky enough" to be a tad terrified as we hiked through prime snake territory to get back to the main road.  

I am not afraid of snakes at all.  I am afraid of my kid getting bitten by one while we are all alone hiking up a river I'm not familiar with.

Sounds thrilling and dangerous, right!!?!?

It took us about 20 minutes max to  hike it and I could hear cars up and down the main road the whole time.  Hee Hee.

It only felt like I was trapped alone in the wilderness with the threat of death by snake bite looming around every corner.

We just went back to the campsite and tooled around.  

Hiked, read, played cards, napped, ate.  What we usually do.

Pre-nap photo.

On this trip the kids handled food clean-up.  

Excellent, excellent idea. 

We're gonna have to rent some kids to come camping with us in the future.

I got in 14.5 seconds of reading time.

We look like pros, don't we?

When in doubt, just buy a big truck and strap some shit to the top.  You'll look cool.

There!  You got a story after all, didn't you?


  1. Lovely, lovely eyes my lady-friend. XO

  2. MY idea of camping is a motel room with lots of amenities.

  3. Maureen - my Daddy's eyes. Thank you!

    MerryMerry - well, you know I love myself a great hotel too!

    Laguna - oh, just that my "baby" was terrified and we didn't get to go canoeing. HappySad, I guess.

  4. You are too funny! Loved the story...I was sitting on the edge of my seat to make sure you made it back to the campsite without any snakebites! Glad you are alive to tell the story! You are a writer...thanks for that.

  5. You DID have an adventure! It all sounds very cool and will be better with the telling.
    p.s. You look like your mamma in the photo of you with the book. First time I ever noticed it.
    ms mdd
    p.s.s. Please don't stop bloggin. Do it for the ones you love and who love you.

  6. I LOVE your stories and (selfishly) hope you'll keep telling them. But if there is no bug, there is no bug. Like you say, it's supposed to be fun, right? (If you stop, can we still be email penpals?)

    And I concur on the fun not terrifying decision. He'll have to suck up enough stuff in life, you know?

  7. Titillating might be a strong word, but I did enjoy reading it. Love your humor and way of writing.


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