Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Last Friday I had the marvelous luck to be invited to my friend Melinda's house for lunch.

(I call her Melindear as she is so very dear to me so you should call her that too.)

I can't tell you how long it's been since I was treated to a sit down lunch at someone's home.

How incredibly civilized!

Back when I lived in Los Angeles, we used to play grown-ups all the time and had dinners and lunches in each others' homes.  

But since I've actually become a grown-up, the lunches have been nonexistent and the dinners, to be honest, are usually centered around corralling children and speaking in 15 second intervals.

My boys were out of town and I was free to "do lunch," and so I did.

Melindear is a fabulous cook. ( Just one of the reasons I was so keen to go.  We mama's loooove someone cooking for us every now and then, you know.)

More importantly is the fact that Melindear is the most delightful conversationalist.

I really mean that.  She's a very curious girl and that makes her so, so, so interesting.

She very well-read, knows about the most delicious restaurants, has met the most unusual people, goes to the coolest events, has the best stories.

A delightful woman in every way.

Yea, she's also gorgeous, well-dressed, well-groomed and talented.

Love her/ Hate her.

Come see.

Her perfect mid-century table and chairs with her perfect frittata with her perfect salad and her perfect plates.

Chaps, the cat.

Beyond dapper.


They were gifts, she says.

Probably from some other perfect person.

Did I mention that she played records while I was there?



I went home and immediately stole Finn's player out of his room and moved it into the study.

Mine, dammit, all mine.

I almost stole those little wooden bowls.

I was afraid she'd notice.

Now I'm obsessively trying to find squirrel paper to make a utensil holder for my own kitchen.

If my mother were not reading this blog, here's where I would write, f**k me.

That's all there is to say about a chair of this caliber.

F**k me.

Her bed.

Her key bowl by the door.

Her house - so clean and clean and clean.

We talked and talked, laughed and laughed, reminisced and planned.

I can't remember a more delightful day. 

I was completely inspired in so many ways.

I stopped at the music store on the way home and vowed to start practicing again in earnest.

Here's why ... 

This is how we spent dessert:

Don't you wish you had a friend like Melindear?

Maybe we should try to be more like her!

Perhaps you have a friend that you could invite over for lunch one day?

Home-made food, music, flowers, the best silverware ... oh let's do it!

I'm going to make frittata too and play Miss Otis Regrets on the record player.

What day is good for you?


  1. Today. Hopping on the plane right now. :-)

    Might be a little late for lunch, but maybe dinner?

  2. OosooNice!! I'm so happy you had an lady with whom to lunch. I do love it..and homemade? Sounds deevine and you needed it so bad. I almost feel like I was there too.
    ms mdd
    f@#k me too - I love her stuff

  3. Okay. That chair makes me fly and I want it.

    I love that early seventies shit!

    Everything was done in olive and mustard yellow and was so clean in the lines and look.

    You break out the records, I'm scouring the countryside for a chair like that!

  4. Just had a friend over today for lunch to enjoy the spring garden. It was so much fun to sit, chat and laugh all the while never once feeling like I needed to get up and work in the garden! Sheer pleasure! Lunch on the patio, dark chocolate and fresh berries for desert...delightful.

  5. Wow, she does sound perfect! :) Thanks for sharing your day with her, with us. Sounds awesome!

  6. I was once lucky enough to hear the late Monte Wooley sing "MIss Otis regrets she is unable to dine today, Madam." Who sang the one you and Melindear heard?
    You forgot to mention she used "real" napkins, too. She sounds lovely and I would like to meet her.

  7. Rita - We missed you at dinner. Lunch today?

    Ms Mudd - She would LOVE YOU! She wears fab shoes, like you.

    Lindsey - Right? LOVE that stuff too.

    Cat - You did?! MMMM your house next. wink.

    Todd - She is a dear dear.

    MerryMerr - YOU DID? dreamy? Remember when you told me you had seen Charlie Parker live and I about passed out? That version of Miss Otis is by Kristy McCall and the Pogues. xoxoxo

  8. Oh, us mamas need us a day like that once in a while! How nice of your lovely friend. I'm inspired too! I did have some friends over to sit outside and sip drinks yesterday while the weather was perfect. Even though I had to miss many chunks of good conversation jumping up to check on my kiddo who was trying to climb on the car or drink all the honey, it was still enjoyable.

  9. Now don't go envying perfection...what then would you DO all day?? And anyway...we're all already perfect in our own quirky ways. I had to google Conviviality...lovely word. heehee

  10. Oh my. I want to go to lunch at Melindear's too! You're right - we should do lunch for our "dears" more often.

  11. Melinda! Love her, too. She is adorable and her life is so lovely. I love her sweet little nest, too. She's been playing records since I met her, very ahead of the trends, that one. Hope she comes to visit soon!


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